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Found 10 results

  1. I've had a Xecuter 2.6 CE chip fitted Xbox v1.6 since around 2005, bought pre-installed and flashed with two banks each a custom Evox M8+ BIOS I've never needed/wanted to change. AFAIK the second BIOS is exactly the same but with the logo removed. All was working fine until last summer when I started to get occasional fragging on reboots/restarts. I found that if I swapped the banks it would usually boot correctly for weeks then suddenly the problem would reappear. I'd swap to the second bank and that would get it working again. So both BIOS are working but something else must be going on to cause this trouble. Fast forward to last weekend and after six months without a repeat the problem has reappeared but this time nothing I've tried to fix it has worked, at least not fully. I left it for several days and I was surprised to find on restart it booted as normal but when I used the IGR the fragging started again. I've dismantled the Xbox but haven't taken out the MB yet. The chip is surprisingly clean, almost dust free and seated firmly on the LPC. The top of MB soldered connections look perfect and are very firm and clean too. So maybe it is one of the underside connections. Is there anything with those connections I should be looking for that might cause this behaviour? It seems reasonable to think it could be a partially broken connection. Maybe a soldering point has dried out/cracked but if so why, until now, did swapping the BIOS banks get it working again? It is getting on for 19 years old and has had a lot of use and I'm worried that the chip itself might have developed some serious problem. Should also mention that with the chip off the Xbox boots without issue to an error 05 as you'd expect with an unlocked HDD. So that is more evidence it is just the chip.
  2. I bought an xecuter 2.6 modchip not realising it was flashed for a 1.6 xbox but mine are all 1.0-1.4 how would I go about reflashing so I can install and use this in one of them. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. hi so i have an xbox 1.0 with a xecuter 2.6 chip installed i get an error 16 on boot but when i try to boot truhexen 2020 i end up with a frag light (might have orange too) after it displays "Linux" any ideas to boot it? has a thompson drive btw
  4. Okay I've just been reunited with my Crystal Xbox after 14 years in my mums loft I has the 2.6 Modchip, HDD upgrade but the switch board is missing from the front leaving just the cable hanging. I'm guessing it's going to be impossible to find one and can't find info on making a custom one, so can I remove the mod chip and soft mod it. Many thanks
  5. I was given a broken Xbox version 1.0 and I want to take that mod chip and put in in my 1.3 . the chip is explained in more detail in this post I’ve found on the forum It was previously installed SOLDERLESS with a spring pin head system you just line up and screw down. When I took it out of the Xbox I noticed a random wire that was stabbed into the board? dose anyone know if this has a purpose or if it’s a necessity ? many thanks in advance
  6. Just picked up a really clean console from Goodwill with a well installed xecuter 2.6. Unfortunately I can’t get anywhere with it. Stock dash will not load when chip is off. Throws an error 16. I’ve tried locked and unlocked. Neither get passed error screen. With the chip on and in bank 2, it will boot in flashbios 3.0.3, but will not accept a bios in any way. There are two that appear to be saved on the HDD also. Every way I’ve tried so far either fails or says “bios update found… Halting!” And then nothing. Chip protection is off during all of this also
  7. Hello Friends I think this has 2 x 512mb banks on this chip. On bank 1 I have xecuter x5035 and when I switch to bank 2 I get a blank screen, so I presume its empty. I am going to use @sweetdarkdestinyinstaller disc 2021 as it has everything! Is there any software to check this correctly? I have tried the BIOS checker on @sweetdarkdestiny installer disc and it doesn't actually state x5035 but one of the dashboards does identify it. I was thinking of keeping x5035 on bank 1 and flash Evox M8Plus_1.6 nodvd on bank 2. I believe x5035 uses a config ini file to modify its settings, and I can use Evox m8 x4gamers EEC and ignore the presence of the DVD drive. I presume I can do this on the x5035 via the ini to point to x4gamers dash and ignore the DVD? If this all sounds right, which app should use to keep bank 1 and flash 2 as there is a x2 flasher software. I can see an x2config under the BIOS on the installer DVD. @sweetdarkdestinyrecommends "2.2. Flash ModChip or TSOP (No Winbond/Sharp TSOP!)." and there is "2.2.3. Flash Xecuter Bios (XBox v1.0/v1.5)." but I have a v1.6 Sorry for all these questions, I have been thinking about this for days and need your advice. Thank you
  8. I just got a 1.0 Xbox with an Xcecuter 2.6 chip installed. It's running Evox M8+ and I would like to switch to the bigger X2 5035.67. what is the best way to do this? Also, is there a way to determine what is on the other bank of the chip? I get an error code when I try to boot with the other bank. Can anyone give me any advice?
  9. Hello, I am writing this today to see about getting some help with my 1.6 Xbox and the Xeceuter 2.6 CE installed in it. I recently did this motherboard mod involving a resistor to extend the life of the board and the board works fine after the install. This is also where I managed to find an issue. With the mod chip enabled, both banks load up their respective bioses, but when I disable the mod chip using the front panel switch, the console Frags after 3 tries. When I disconnect the LFrame wire from the mod chip, the console boots up like normal to the stock dash using the stock bios. Before the mod though, disabling the mod chip using the front panel switch worked liked normal. So now I am a point where I made a modification to extend the life of the console, but lost some functionality in my mod chip at the same time. I am wondering if anybody knows what would cause the issue I described and if anybody else has ever run into similar issues. Though I know most don't tend to mod 1.6 consoles if the can avoid it. I'm also curious if anybody else happens to have an Xbox motherboard that is warped around the CPU and GPU area. By warped, I mean that I can see a curve in the motherboard around that area. Thanks, DobaMuffin
  10. Xecuter 2.6 ce motherboard v1.6 and 80gb ide all wires and 1 official controller 100 usd shipped us only

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Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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