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  1. SSD hummmmmm is there any recommendations for drives?
  2. The only reason why im asking is because the board out of my Halo xbox is also 1.4. I guess it came out at around that time when 1.4s were built. Where abouts are you V3ck1n?
  3. What type of game is it mate? I play anything but FPS. I used to play some CS but for some reason I get bad motion sickness now when I play for even 30mins. I need to buy a new dremel man, to make some cuts. Gonna start painting a case tomorrow. do you know if theres a port fof minecraft for the OGX? If there isint someone should start working on it!
  4. Whats a debug kit for? Can you fill me in
  5. hi v3ck1n was your mb a 1.4? in the halo box I ment.
  6. Which sata to ide card did you buy? I have one card which is 100% flop. I have another card which works but now the files seems a little corrupted, as in unable to delete certain files and directory's. Im pretty sure I formatted correctly, I split the 2tb between F and G and 64 clusters, then formatted. Anyhow im still messing around and it took like 3 days to ftp the stuff I wanted to the hdd. do you have a link to the item on ebay? I cleaned up a few drives but one is still needing a push before it goes back in. Good luck with it all.
  7. Yer man Theres a world of information available now! If i ever get this faulty box I just purchased going im going to try that first. Did you get the hdd upgrade going?
  8. Wow you really won big on the NBN lottery SS :). Yer 5G will turn unlimited in time im sure as all things go. I did well staying up until like 8am, then I totally crashed until about 12. I ended up buying another box to play with, they told me it was working 100%, when I got it home I found problems. As soon as you plug in the power cable the xbox turns on. And then the eject and power buttons dont work at all. I pulled everything off the board except the fan and plugged in the power and still the same. Nemesis has been guiding me a little thanks man much appreciated. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1588&bih=873&sxsrf=ALeKk037tWytAcVBNDXMpwfJc9zzjJn-dA%3A1585023844999&ei=ZIt5XqbNPLWEmgeZzLHwAQ&q=original+xbox+trace+repair&oq=original+xbox+trace+repair&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0.11971193.11979029..11979957...1.1..0.267.4907.0j25j2......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j35i39j0i131i273j0i273j0i22i30.XPcxqvstOeY&ved=0ahUKEwimj_f5obLoAhU1guYKHRlmDB4Q4dUDCAs&uact=5#kpvalbx=_Mrp5XsiKDdO89QO76JWwDQ27 I just need to figure this out. Also I dont solder very well now as shaky hands. I did see some post about soldering to points on top of the board instead. I would prefer this I think, but no clear pictures to guide me. Anyhow ill keep googling. I just saw the N64 freak's for sale post, looks like his in england? I have a pound to play with for the time being anyhow. right now i have enough things to play with and keep me busy.
  9. I found one on jaycar Dot Matrix White on Blue LCD 20x4 Character Features: - 0.1" SIL connector for easy breaboarding/prototyping - Can be controlled with 6 GPIO pins - Nominal 5V supply with max 4.5mA operating current (excluding backlight) - Separate backlight and contrast connections - HD44780 compatible for use with many microcontrollers including Arduino - 4 x Mounting holes Display Modules Characters 20 x 4 lines Display Module Type Alphanumeric Supply Voltage for Logic 5V Display Screen Screen Type Flat Panel Screen (LCD) Screen Width 77mm Screen Height 26mm Diagonal Screen Size 3.125in Is this one ok to use SS ? This one actually is smaller in height than the one on ebay. 77.0(W)x47.0(H)x13.0(T)mm
  10. Man SS your up early or late even lolz. I ended up doing an all niter, reading about modz such as the wii2hdmi cable mod, and the remote on/off mod. You know iv been on fixed wireless for more than a year now and I can tell you it sux. Well at least its better than adsl2, but not by much. People say NBN is already obsolete due to the fact that 5G can give you faster speeds. im hunting a clean box to work with as well.

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