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  1. Thats exactly the same reason i started this thread in the first place. If possible someone who has the knowledge should post a step by step guide on how to power cycle the TSOP using a modchip like SS_Dave suggests.
  2. Well I dont have the skills to do this repair, so i guess i ll just stick with the modchip. Thx for the info SS_Dave
  3. Ok, so by mistake I used a winbond flash method on a non winbond TSOP (ST), which resulted in the console freezing during the flash process and (ofc) followed by frag. Hopefuly i suceeded in installing an old alladdin modchip which i had lying around and the console works fine. So here' my question. Is it possible to re-flash the TSOP theoretically using the following method: Boot the console and then disable the chip without shutting down (e.g. desoldering the D0 point) and try to flash the TSOP correctly this time?
  4. Lioner95 There is a possibility that the bios on the modchip is erased. With basic soldering skills you could remove the chip and check if the console boots. If it boots ok then you could do a TSOP flash excluding v1.6.
  5. Exactly ....., looks like the best overall choice in terms of heat/power consumption, if ofc you can afford it. Besides SSDs prices keep dropping nowadays. Thnx for the info SS_Dave.
  6. Saki it's like u read my mind. I dont care at all about loading speeds. Its the lifespan of the console that bothers me more. I just happen to have an old 750gig IDE barracuda gathering dust and to tell the truth I was doubtful to use it for the reasons just explained. P.S. Patrida eimaste ligoi dystyxws.
  7. Great!!! Thanx for the immediate answer SS_Dave. Gonna thow in that 7200 rpm Barracuda that i have lying around. As for the green ones I havent got any problems so far but I will try what u suggest anyway and report back. I suppose I will find the appropriate software at the official WD site by choosing the right hdd model.
  8. Greetings from Greece and congrats for the valuable info shared in this site. This is my first post here although I' ve been reading a lot of threads and have TSOP flashed - modded several XBOXes in the past. Generaly i upgrade hard drives by installing 5400 rmp WD green ones which work great. So my question is simple. Is it ok if I install an 7200rpm 3.5 inch HDD? My biggest concern is the higher temps those HDD generate and how this affects the other internal components of the box.

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