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  1. Thanks. I really have never done anything with thermal paste before, very limited soldering as well, but it might be good skills to learn at some point if I want to keep some of the classic (and current) systems working. (Apple IIGS, original xbox, xbox 360, xbox one x.) Depending on how long this coronavirus lockdown is for, I may pick up some other project systems as well to learn and fix.
  2. I just did my first softmod. I used the splinter cell exploit, along with the rocky5 softmod instructions over on reddit's original xbox forum. The hardest part was getting some of the older software working on parallels windows 10 installation, and waiting for some parts due to shipping delays with the covid virus.
  3. Thanks for the perspective. From what I read before, it sounded like it pretty much was required to be done every so often. It's good to hear that it can be left alone (as long as there are no problems when using.)
  4. Thanks for the videos, I am debating which way to go, I did pick up some cheap cables on amazon to tide me over.
  5. I bought the startech one on amazon. Here is the link: https://www.newegg.com/startech-ide2sat2-ide-to-sata-with-odd-support/p/N82E16812400465?Item=N82E16812400465 I did some things wrong the first time. At first, I don't think I expanded the f drive, so most of the drive was vacant. I redid the copy from chimp the second time, but it all went into the F partition vs F & G. I would up installing an app from the softmod extras disk called XBPartitioner 1.3, then I choses a recommended setting (back for helps explains the controls) to create an F & G partition. Next I went into nkpatcher, and chose Hard drive: Populate Partitions: and chose both F: & G: (I think this game me the standard folders for those drives back.) I just set this up last night, so will check to see if there is any issues, but I think I did it correctly.
  6. For what it is worth (probably not much) I used Filezilla on my mac to copy the chimp app over to my xbox for a clone, and it caused the system to hang after the first two ok checks. I was able to delete it, use another ftp app called Cyberduck, and then chimp worked without issues. I had no idea there was a problem with using Filezilla (something about permissions, I think), until I came across a reddit post from a couple of years ago mentioning that FileZilla transfers cause problems with the chimp clone app.
  7. I ordered the parts for an hdd upgrade, amazon was so backed up I ordered most of the parts from newegg. I will probably have them Saturday (hopefully). The good thing is that after I replaced the drive belt for the second time in the optical drive, this time it appears the optical drive eject is working fully. My best guess is that I stretched the belt too much when installing the belt the first time, so the replacement was still too loose. I am glad there was two in the package purchased from eBay.
  8. I won't bore anyone with the standard, introductory post, other than to say thank you to everyone on this and other forum who has helped me with my xbox repair and softmod instructions.
  9. I coincidently just purchased an original Xbox (I have a 360/ One X) before all this broke loose, so I have been spending my time trying to repair the optical drive, and learn how to softmod/replace the hard drive.

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