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  1. Hey guys, all my original controllers are out of commission for now unless until i can fix them, if i even can. I have a few 3rd party controllers but all the joysticks just feel awful, i don't know if its the dead zone or the sensitivity or both but wow they just do not feel good. Anyone know a way to help with this? I dont know if i can install some other joysticks or if its possible to modify the ones in them already or what. Honestly might just be time to buy or build that wireless xbox360 controller mod.
  2. Wow i never knew you could do that, this changes everything lol all my games have just been sitting on my pc cuz i didnt want to take the time to FTP em.
  3. Verynormal


    I wish i had more confidence in my skills, i want to get one and try it out but i dont know if i can actually install it without messing it up lol. I am interested to see the results though.
  4. Dave is the man, he helped me when i ripped up my trace. Good luck man hopefully you can get er goin again.
  5. Well big surprise but the right tools for the job makes it alot easier and better. Boots and everything now im going to go through and clean everything proper and it should be good to go.
  6. Well thats my temp fix till i get the proper wire and stuff. It actually broke off but it did boot up.
  7. Wait it actually works now...i actually did it hah. Yeah so its just gonna sit here till i get the proper wire and stuff but its on the right track. Amazon should have it here monday so now i really excited i may actually get this done.
  8. Well i probably bricked this poor thing, tried to fix that D0 and when i was soldering by the capacitor i pulled the trace up off it, tried to get it all back together but it still does the same thing as when i started. Guess i wont be doing anymore hardmods but at least it was an interesting project, even if i failed.
  9. Yeah idk every guide i looked up said to solder it to a ground and not the chip because it doesn't work well on the chip. Ill be cleaning the entire board once i get it running properly hopefully i can get it going thanks guys ill let ya know how it goes.
  10. There ya go, i removed the mod chip and got the same error, didn't do anything with the D0 yet. Probably whats wrong though it looks terrible.
  11. So i got everything installed and i get the xbox trying to boot 3x (i can see the fan on the gpu spinning) then it flashes red/green and no more fan spinning on gpu but it sounds like my hdd is still going. No picture at any point. I had alot of issues with soldering the D0 point and if im being honest i dont know if its soldered to a proper ground or not i put it to one of the bigger square pads on the motherboard. Also when soldering the D0 point i coudnt get any solder to stay and i couldn't really even see the point anymore so i went above it to another point and scraped off some of the so
  12. Verynormal


    You thinking of selling the clear or orange one? I don't need any of the original cases.
  13. Verynormal


    Alternatively if anyone knows pricing on some aftermarket cases id be interested to know aswell.
  14. Verynormal


    Hi looking to buy some cheaper cases for my 2 xboxes, i don't need anything crazy but it seems like the ghostcases seem kinda flimsy and break a lot so i figured id see what you guys have to offer. Trying to spend less than 50 USD per case and id be happy buying even just 1 dont really need the 2 unless its for cheap ya know.
  15. Well it worked finally idk if it was the drive or the adapter but its going good now. I really shoulda got the Startech adapter from the start its much better and comes with a splitter even. I think im going to try to use other drive i have in my other xbox and use the Startech to clone it then try to switch over to the cheap one to use after.

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