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  1. Verynormal


    You thinking of selling the clear or orange one? I don't need any of the original cases.
  2. Verynormal


    Alternatively if anyone knows pricing on some aftermarket cases id be interested to know aswell.
  3. Verynormal


    Hi looking to buy some cheaper cases for my 2 xboxes, i don't need anything crazy but it seems like the ghostcases seem kinda flimsy and break a lot so i figured id see what you guys have to offer. Trying to spend less than 50 USD per case and id be happy buying even just 1 dont really need the 2 unless its for cheap ya know.
  4. Well it worked finally idk if it was the drive or the adapter but its going good now. I really shoulda got the Startech adapter from the start its much better and comes with a splitter even. I think im going to try to use other drive i have in my other xbox and use the Startech to clone it then try to switch over to the cheap one to use after.
  5. Yea i cant get anything to work so i just got a new hard drive, adapter, 80 wire cable, and a molex splitter. Figure ill just start from scratch cuz im tired of trying to get this to work ha.
  6. It was the recent version of chimp, i re downloaded and tried again with the same results. I am powering my hard drive with a pc that i got for free and just did the paper clip trick with it to get the psu to power the hard drive without needing to power the mobo of the computer. Could this be my problem maybe?
  7. Should i just buy a startech adapter and try again? Dont really want to wait for delivery if i can do this with stuff i already have.
  8. So ive been trying to clone my original xbox hard drive over to a wd1600aajs hard drive and i cannot get it to work. I have to set my jumper to slave to even get chimp to boot right, this is the adapter i used people said it worked for them in the comments and i wasn't really trying to spend the like 25 bucks for a good one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JVUXMRI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Just a heads up i just got an xbox from someone i know for 10 bucks and used the cd drive from that ha. Now i just wait for the rest of my parts to come in the mail!
  10. Trying to do my first softmod and all is going well except my xbox refuses to actually read my disk so i cant load the save game to get the process going. Anyone got any tips for me to get it to read? This should hopefully be the last time it needs to read a disk so i just need it to work once really.
  11. I also have just joined and have a fresh xbox ready to soft mod but i need to make 3 posts to download some files.

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