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  1. Samspin, good to hear. The Corsair looks good for only $7. Those WD Icepacks are ugly...haha
  2. Dave, yes, it's a Softmodded v1.6 console. I'm running modded games on here so far: GTASA (5 vehicles, 7 weapons), THUG 2 (6 Custom decks and a custom tee) & a modded Forza Motorsport 1 (several custom scripts for tuning vehicles with Ekszbox Forzamod). It's running these games quickly for sure. I noticed the cursor on the GTASA pause menu over the map was blinking faster...lol Falcon, that tray looks good. I'm going to order one if my SSD will fit. Does the tray mount to the Xbox's current HDD tray?
  3. After several attempts at an refurbished WD 1TB SATA HDD, Kingwin ADP-06 adapter and 80 wire IDE cable, I threw those all into closet storage and went for the best instead. A brand new Samsung EVO 500GB SSD, Startech adapter and a Rontech 80 wire IDE cable...and an 80mm Noctua. Results are pretty cool to own:
  4. Starting off with hefty modifications. Very nice. I'll be following up on this project for sure.
  5. Yeah, this is sick. I've been trying to run my modded GTASA on my modded Xbox recently. Overall, I like the things you've done so far.
  6. Yeah, I miss Xbox-Scene. I wish I would have purchased one of their t-shirts before they all sold out. Xbox Modding has given such an unlimited outlet of things to do. There's so much to learn. I still am looking for an Vantec Iceberq 4 Pro to this day...lol
  7. The distance between each mounting hole (GPU) on the motherboard is 80mm. I may be wrong, but I believe so.
  8. It's solid work for sure. It looks like you've done your research and took your time building it. God job Sonic Modder.
  9. Yeah, I could've made top of the case much smoother when I removed the fins...haha Yes, it was another fun build. Most of the mods were on-the-fly as I worked with it. I think extending the PSU wires was the longest part of it all. The software mods were pretty much, XBMC, stock HDD, Maybe a few UnleashX skins for the UnleashX dash, I think THUG (Tony Hawk's Underground) was loaded on the HDD and maybe GTAVC (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). I can't remember much of it but I forgot how I tricked the bios to bypass the DVD Drive check on boot-up.
  10. Thanks codeasm, it was fun build back then when I built it. I wish I knew what I know now, but it was a time when Xbox-Scene existed and I was learning so much.
  11. Probably my favorite mod of 2008. Xbox Slimbox using a Mountain Dew theme. I cut the label from a 2-Liter bottle and the paint was some sort of Rust-Oleum that I found at the store. Clear faceplate pieces on the external PSU for bracing, removed the top of the stock 60mm fans to save on height, used tape to protect the DVD Drive daughterboard. haha I could have made it much neater.
  12. Here's a custom mod I did back in 2008 of an Xbox converted over to a Xbox 360 case. I was running UnleashX using an 360 skin. It's funny looking at my old photos and seeing what things I did. Lots of improvising. Notice the rear of the case? haha
  13. This thread breaks my heart...

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