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  1. It sounds like you are getting everything just about the way you want it. I don't have enough experience with using a VGA bios to be much help there. They were always just too much of a hassle for me to mess with. Hopefully someone else on here can be of more help with the VGA setup. With the different HDMI options, adapters, and upscalers available now I personally would avoid VGA unless you have a specific need for using it.
  2. It will work on all versions. It comes pre-flashed with a 1.6 bios but it will still boot any system. Once it's installed and working you should flash it with a better bios that is more suited to your particular system though.
  3. Use a meter and the pinout diagrams and you can check what each of the wires should go to. Ignore the colors of the wires, I trust a meter more than a color code.
  4. ecstone

    'error 5'

    I don't know if the hard drive you are using is SATA or IDE but if you have the right connection in your PC you will be able to plug it in. You will need to download a copy of XboxHDM (or XboxHDM 2.2 USB if you connected the hard drive with a USB adapter), then burn that to a disc and boot the PC off of it. It has the tools to enable you to lock the hard drive again.
  5. I haven't seen one in many years, and I never personally dealt with one. I'll see if I can dig up some of my old info and see if I can help you out. If I remember right it had a 256k bios size but I could be wrong. I'm sure someone else here has more knowledge about that particular chip though,
  6. Error 14 is a dashboard error. That means that it couldn't find a dashboard on the hard drive, which is normal since it hadn't been set up yet. It must have had some problem loading the Hexen disc, it should have booted and gave you the option to setup the drive. On the bright side, that should mean that it is indeed TSOP flashed.
  7. You definitely need to research if it was TSOP flashed, chipped, or soft modded. I doubt that with the other work done on this system that it is running a simple soft mod though. If it has been hard modded then you don't want to install a softmod onto the system. Try a simple test, Plug in a new hard drive and boot off a Hexen disc and see if it offers to format and setup the drive for you. If it does then you are definitely running a hard mod of some sort and don't need any softmod at all. You can just backup your games over FTP, wipe the drive and set it up however you would like, then copy the games back over. Also if the system is hard modded you don't need to worry about NULLING the hard drive because you will be able to run unlocked drives.
  8. You can just copy the files no problem. It's useful to null the hard drive key for upgrading the hard drive and as a safety precaution but it's not necessary for what you are doing.
  9. You can use an FTP program to copy the hard drive's files from the Xbox to your computer. That is the easiest way by far.
  10. ecstone

    'error 5'

    Did you backup the EEPROM during the softmod? Most softmod tools either automatically do this or tell you to do this. If the EEPROM is backed up you can connect the drive to a PC since it is unlocked and then you can fix any software issues and re-lock the drive to work in the Xbox again.
  11. Why would you just unplug the cables but leave the DVD drive in place? If you are going to leave it in place you should leave the cables plugged into it in case you ever need to use a boot disc or something. Removing the drive doesn't really help with cooling. Removing the drive leaves an ugly gap in the front of the case unless you take the front clip off the drive tray to place back in the hole. The only reason I can see for actually removing the drive is if you are planning to do a slim case mod.
  12. Be sure to get a good 80 wire IDE cable and a quality SATA/IDE adapter like a Startech version for the hard drive upgrade. Be sure to replace your thermal compound on both the CPU and GPU because the cooling situation is different in a slim Xbox. Make sure you have flashed a bios that can boot the Xbox without a DVD drive since you will be removing it. Buy good quality cutting wheels for your rotary cutting tool and take your time cutting the lines straight, it's hard to fix mistakes in this part. Take your time and study how others have done this mod, it's not hard but it does require planning and some skill.
  13. If you have the Xbox TSOP flashed you don't need to run a softmod, most people will tell you it is a bad idea. Once the Xbox has been hard modded with a TSOP flash the soft mod is no longer needed. If the drive is having trouble reading discs you can FTP the discs files to the Xbox hard drive and run them from there. If you have to use a disc you should try re-burning the disc with different types of blank discs. Does the drive read other burned discs, what about retail games?
  14. If you are trying to do a TSOP flash then yes, it would just be the two points. It doesn't really have anything to do with upgrading the hard drive though other than letting you run unlocked drives once it's flashed. You could upgrade the hard drive with software tools whether you flashed the TSOP or not.
  15. How have you not played this before? Lol. Just kidding, you will enjoy it.

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