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  1. You are right. Most things are now as I wanted them. So I think we can call this topic done. Maybe I will buy a cheap chinese component cable and only use the connector of it on the original xbox360 component-cable. This would cost me about 10Euro instead of 40-50 Euro for a decent ogXbox-cable. But I think I will also open a Thread specially for the VGA-Issue. In the end I'm more interested in hacking the console than in actually playing Games . But again, thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks mate, I wish I had stumbled on this thread earlier
  3. Hi there, I want to give you an update on what I did in the meantime. I (re)flashed the BIOS with EVOX M8 and later with IND-BIOS (Winbond flash) and installed a new 80 GB HDD (for now, because I wanted to leave the old 160GB-Drive untouched)). Right now everything is working fine on the composite cable. but obviously I have no VGA-output anymore. How can I get back the VGA-Mode ? I know that there are VGA-Patched BIOS's (like in "TRUEHD VGA XBOX Bios Collection") but as I read this it means that I am limited to VGA and can no longer use the standard composite cable (or component)? Is this right? In my privious setup I could verry well put the switches on the back to 2+3 to use VGA or leave them all on off and use the regular composite cable.
  4. Hi ecstone, It may have to do with my setup. At the moment the original (thompson) dvd drive is connected to the yellow cables and the laptop-dvd-drive is connected to the IDE cable. I did it this way because I only had a dvd+R on hand. when the hdd with xbmc is connected, I can boot into hexen disk, but with an other hdd it is as described. Is there an other way of figuring out the installed bios or if it is TSOPed at all (maybe using the hexen-disk or some other software that i can start from xbmc ?)? could I even have a VGA-output without TSOP ? If it helps, I can also load UnleashX or some kind of Linux (XDSL I think) from XBMC.
  5. Ok, in this case, Kernel-Version is 1.0.5530.1 I also tried ecstones Idea with putting in a new harddrive. so I grabed a random 2.5" HDD and tried to boot into hexen DVD but the xbox display error 14 or so... because I didn't mention it before: there is definitely no modchip
  6. Hi KaosEngineer, the flubber is stock. no evoX or else. At system info there is no kernel-version anywhere. I will download the hexen-disk and try ecstones suggestions. also, already thank you two
  7. Hi everyone, I just introduced myself in the "new members" section. And now I have a bunch of questions covering different topics. I have a softmodded XBOX that I modded like ten years ago. I do not remember what softmod, what exploit, did I tsop-flash...? My setup is as follows: XBOX 1.2-1.5, 2.5"Sata-hdd, laptop-dvd-drive, VGA-connector on the back with a DIP-switch to choose vga-video-mode (so obviously i did a tsop-flash?), and usb-connectors on port 3 and 4. Everything is running again after some major issues. The box is booting to xbmc 3.0 and I can watch movies and play games from HDD (I can not find my game-dvds). But since I can not remember what softmod is installed, or what bios is flashed I want to start over. I only want to keep my games from the HDD. My plans are as follows: backup games via FTP, backup eeprom, install a new softmod, NULL the hdd-code, ( I may want to upgrade the 160GB hdd at some point), rebuild the HDD from scratch, install the latest XBMC is this the best order? what are the best methods for doing so? what software do I need (Tool-DVDs ?)
  8. Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago I found my old XBOX that I modded like 10 years ago or so. I is quite substantially modded (VGA-connector at the back, internal WIFI-bridge laptop dvd-drive, 2.5" sata drive, fans, front-usb), but I do not remember how I did it (what softmod, did I do TSOP-flash...) So after finding the box I wanted to try if it still works. there were some casing-parts missing (top cover and the two trays of the DVD and HDD) but the essentials were still there. I connected it via VGA to a LCD-screen, booted aaaand: error 21. then I remembered the DIP-switch on the back to choose the video-mode, changed the setting and rebooted. This could have been the success and I would not write this lines here. But then the HDD slid down from its temporary (badly chosen) position and touched the internals of the power-supply... instant-BOOM and all lights off . Strangely this brought back my interest in the xbox. I tried to repair the power-supply, then bought a new xbox of the same revision, reassembled mine with the new parts ( now also with top case and dvd/hdd-tray ). now its all working again but I am interested and motivated to learn whats the current state of development for the ogXBOX. So see you in the other sub-forums. Have a nice day everyone

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