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  1. @Xbmcmodsforxbox Is the Aladdin XT compatible with all Xbox (1.0-1.6) or just the Xbox (1.6-1.6v2)?
  2. Sooooo i have a MAJOR issue. I had softmodded my Xbox and accidentally unlocked the HDD now it's somewhat useless.. (User: ecstone ) provided me with some info about building a EEPROM reader, but finding each individual parts to build it is gonna take some time and there is none on sale online... I was wondering if I can just purchase a modchip and just install Hexen to a brand new HDD (500Gb) or will i still have my Error 5 code to deal with????
  3. NooB

    'error 5'

    @ecstone Main question i should've ask is when you say connect the Xbox HDD to the PC (which has Sata Ports)? I bought a SATA to IDE connector and nothing happens.
  4. NooB

    'error 5'

    Oh really thats all woooow.. smh thanks man
  5. NooB

    'error 5'

    So I tried to softmod my Xbox and accidentally Unlocked my HDD thinking that would make possible to install a bigger HDD, so now i keep on getting Error 5. Can anybody give this noob some advice???
  6. Yoooow this is awesome, i wish you had made more to sell.

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