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  1. I've done that but I'm still getting the error above.
  2. I just downloaded the emulator from the downloader. I copied over the media file, but maybe this is where I am confused? The media folder is within the n64 emulator folder. Do I need to move that folder somewhere else? Here is the log error. 20:41:08 M: 30416896 ERROR: msvcrt.dll: dll_fstati64 called, TODO: add 'int64 <-> long' type checking 20:41:08 M: 30756864 ERROR: Error Type: <type 'exceptions.UnboundLocalError'> 20:41:08 M: 30756864 ERROR: Error Contents: local variable 'N64_Rom_Name' referenced before assignment 20:41:08 M: 30756864 ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): File "Q:\.emustation\scripts\create_rom_lists.py", line 1170, in <module> Main_Code() File "Q:\.emustation\scripts\create_rom_lists.py", line 911, in Main_Code pDialog.update((CountList * 100) / len(os.listdir( Roms_Folder )),'Creating [UPPERCASE]' + Emu_Name + '[/UPPERCASE] Rom list and copying media files',N64_Rom_Name,'This can take some time, please be patient.' ) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'N64_Rom_Name' referenced before assignment
  3. So I have finally gotten a grasp of everything but the N64 emulator. I downloaded EWJ ROM pack, copied over the surreal64 folder into the emulators/n64 folder, copied some ROMs over in the roms/n64 folder. It scans and actually shows my files scanned but always comes up with a script error saying it cannot make a list. What am I doing wrong exactly? I've read how frustrated rocky5 is over people asking about this same issue but I followed his instructions as he laid them out on a Reddit thread. I'm stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hey I have another newbie question. I can't seem to figure it out, when playing the emulators such as SNES or SegaCD, I apply filter options to them to make them look better, I use save states to continue progress, etc. But Everytime I reload that emulator I have to keep reapplying the filters, is there a way to save your settings or is this something I will have to do each playthrough? Thanks.
  5. Ok, UPDATE! I succeeded. ALL help was greatly appreciated in this process, I am very happy now! Thanks everyone!
  6. Ok so when I open the FTP client up, the xbox shows these directories: C E X Y Z I do not know of this F or G directory you speak of. What I did was copied the xbmc emustation folder in the applications of the E directory. Within that folder is the .emustation folder where the emulators folder and games folder are already created. I uploaded roms to their specific folders, emulators were already provided, the gba one at least. I start my xbox, I got to applications and launch the emustation. I go in and scan for emulators and roms, it finds nothing, so I obviously am missing something. The F drive and G drive are confusing me because I do not see that on my end. Thanks for any and all help, it is much appreciated.
  7. I have added roms to their folders and scanned but nothing showed up, I will try try again. I have to be missing something so simple, a slight on my end.
  8. Hey guys, this is going to be a very newbie question, but I recently got an original xbox, softmodded it via rocky5 and installed emustation from a prebuilt model via his website. I am having a problem though, when I ftp it over and go into emustation none of the emulators are showing up, when I look on the pc side of things they are there. Am i doing something wrong? Sorry if this is dumb questions, any help is appreciated. I have the latest xbmc installed. Thanks.

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