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  1. I figured it out. for some reason FileZilla was not uploading the full files. I had to go thru and manually upload every file basically one by one to make it work properly. Pain in the butt! But it is working now.
  2. I downloaded the following emulator: https://digiex.net/threads/final-burn-consoles-1-2-download-multi-platform-emulator-for-xbox.13773/ I FTPed it into my emulator folder on the F drive where the other emulators all reside. I can see it in my emulator menu on the box but when i click it to play it acts like its going to load it but then just resets the box back into the menu. Any idea what I did wrong? I checked and the .xbe file is there.
  3. We did it!!! Drive is now fully opperational in Xbox B!!!
  4. I plan on using the following video (2nd half that describes the crossober way) to get into it. I've done this before and it worked when I could set the IP.
  5. I’m using this one right now but have the extra disc so can change to a different one if it would be easier.
  6. Good to hear! So I’m trying to get the EEPROM file from the Xbox B. I want to do that by FTPing in and getting a copy off the drive in the E/Backup folder. The problem is that when I boot Xbox B (which is soft nodded and works fine) it shows an IP of I have tried to change it using the settings menu but it won’t hold. It just goes back to all 0s. Any advice on getting that to a normal IP so I can FTP in? im using a crossover cable and I know it works because in the past week I’ve been able to FTP direct but the 0s issue is new and I can’t get ar
  7. Does mean this mean the drive is unlocked?
  8. I got there now and it can see the drive! Here is what I get when i try to click "3" lock drive and go thru the prompts.
  9. It does have a power supply and I know it is on because I can hear it. When I go to storage manager I can see the drive but I can not see the drive in the windows explorer window. I was hoping when i plugged it in I could see the drive and that it would show unlocked.
  10. Thanks Kaos! Are there any videos or walkthroughs on how to do this? I downloaded the Beta3 but there doesn't seem to be a very good explanation on what to do anywhere.
  11. I went out and bought the following to make the connection for the unlocked drive to work on my PC: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000J01I1G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I downloaded Xplorer 360 to my computer. I got thru all of the BS of getting Xplorer360 to work by downloading the extra files and sticking them in Sys32/64 folders. Now Xplorer open but every time I try to open a drive via Xplorer it says "Could not find a FATX drive to open!" The drive also doesn't show up when I plug into the computer in the windows explorer windows. I am usin
  12. Ok I've done a bunch of research and looks like I need to use the method below. My question is: Remember my plan was to take the drive from XBOX A and put it into XBOX B. I have already Null keyed and relocked the drive in XBOX B. This drive is the one from XBOX A. Should I lock the drive with the EEPROM from the unlocked drive which is in XBOX A (the error 5 drive) that I;m going to move to XBOX B or should I just get the EEPROM key from the drive in XBOX B and then lock this drive with EEPROM from XBOX B so that it can be used immediately in XBOX B? Also is this the correct me
  13. In the midst of unlocking the hard drive using NKpatcher the Xbox lost power. Now I’m getting this screen. Is there anything I can do now???
  14. All, I've got Xbox with the Rocky soft mod. It is remod of an old Xbox that has all the emulators on the G drive. What is the best way for me to get emulators? I have found them online and can FTP into the Xbox but where do I add them? Should I be downloading an emulator specific software to the Xbox? Maybe there is a walkthrough somewhere that I am missing? Thanks!
  15. Are there any online tutorials on how to do this so that I don't accidentally screw up the hard drive?

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