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  1. Thanks, I will remember that if it happens again. I ended up getting another hard drive and got it to work. I guess for some reason it did not like the hard drive.
  2. Update 2. Was able to allocate all the space to the f partition minus about 3 GB. So I will stay with that. Maybe the problem is the HDD.
  3. Update. My HDD does not have a disk.bin file that I can find anywhere. I tried Rocky5's partition table writer and I still have the same problem. I did try completely installing the dive as a new one using HEXEN disk and it did completely erase the C and E drive but not my F an G drive. THey still have all my files and folders on them. I guess I will just TSOP the bios back to the X2 bios.
  4. I am using Xbpartition v1.3 to try and repartition the drive. I will post a picture of the drive structure when I get home from work this evening. I did not see any partition information on the Hdd. I am confused because the Hexen 2018 disk sees the g partition and everything that is on it, as does X2 bios if I reflash the TSOP. I will try Rocky5’s table writer this evening. Thanks, I will update this evening.
  5. The G partition is enabled in settings. The 750gb IDE drive is nice as I don't need a converter for the higher capacity and it boots fast.
  6. I have a version 1.4 xbox that was TSOP modded with X2 4983.67 bios and 750gb IDE hard drive. I have flashed IND-5004.67 bios to it and now it does not see the G partition. I have tried to re-partition the drive to no avail, it will not see the G partition. If I boot the HEXEN 2018 disk it sees the G partition or if I re-flash the X2 bios it will also see the G partition. I am at a loss to what the problem I have is? Has anyone had this problem before. Thanks.
  7. I am pretty sure that SPPV has it online in his GREPO files.
  8. Hi, I am interested in another of your 1.4ghtz/128mb boards. Would also like the HDMI mod too. It would need shipped to the USA. Thanks
  9. Awesome. Looking forward to getting one of these.

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