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  1. Sorry for being SOL guys, work commitments etc. I have good news and bad news, good news first. I decided not to purchase a flash programmer but instead I just ended up buying a new modchip as it would of cost more to buy the programmer and reprogram the chip then to just buy a whole new one in general, so I decided to buy a newer modchip. Bad news is I am SOL for another week or so, as I own four Original Xboxes, only the 1.6b works as the others are faulty and cannot be fixed as they have multiple issues and I don't have the time to fix them so I just use them for spares, however I am thinking of buying another Original Xbox (pre 1.6, hopefully 1.0-1.3) sometime this week to either keep as a backup or set it up to be a main as i'm contemplating on doing the 128mb RAM Upgrade. I'll post back here once the modchip arrives.
  2. @KaosEngineer its a socket chip, even when I remove it still FRAG's, I think the LFRAME might be cut but I dont know as I bought this xbox second hand. @Kekule im in Australia so dont worry. @Ging3rguy LFRAME is probably cut as it wont load the Xyclops BIOS, so im SOL on that.
  3. Hey guys, im new here so this is my first post and regretfully its a bad post. Being the dumb idiot I am, I accidentally flashed a 1.0-1.5 BIOS onto my 1.6b Xbox, the modchip is an aladdin from about 10 years or so, now my Xbox wont even output any video and its FRAGGING, its also not letting me open the disk tray, is my Xbox completely broke or am I able to put a new modchip in?

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