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  1. Unlikely, but problems I would check for: - Conflicting IP address: Devices that haven't given up their DHCP address, or conflicting static IP addresses. - Conflicting MAC addresses.
  2. Have you tried connecting an Xbox directly to your PC? Crossover cable probably not required with a modern NIC. Just set a static IP on both Xbox and PC. If the problem goes away, you can focus on looking closer at your home network setup.
  3. Okay. I thought you had some critical information and my xbox was about to suffer from a corrupt hard drive at any moment.
  4. Why is this? I am running an SSD with a SATA adapter with the original xbox IDE ribbon and it seems to work perfectly. I would assume the xbox would just run the interface at ATA-33 speeds. (My adapter says it supports ATA-33)
  5. I have it working -> XBMC was caching incorrect header information from incorrect attach.xbe/default.xbe files.
  6. I have ISO loading working great with M8Plus BIOS and a chained kernel patcher that I setup years ago. I have a question about trainers: I'm using the script in XBMC4Gamers to create the default.xbe to mount the ISO, and it seems to be working great. In XBMC, I can find and turn on trainers, but they don't seem to do anything. Does anyone have any insights on why trainers wouldn't work or what I should try?

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