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  1. Verify the HDD is good. I had some strange problems like this and it turned out the hard drive was failing.
  2. Softmod - Xbox is stock until the softmod loads when the dashboard files on the hard drive are accessed, so nothing can be changed until then. If your hard drive fails, you are back to unmodded. Upgrading or changing hard drive requires extra effort and understanding of the process. Hardmod - TSOP or modchip - Xbox is modded on power on, so you can alter or disable the 'flubber' animation, disable the DVD drive requirement, and utilize an unlocked hard drive. Changing your hard drive can be as simple as installing a new one and booting an installer DVD to help set it up. Hardmod - T
  3. You could use trainers. While it may be more rewarding to actually 'get good' at a game, if I don't want to invest the time, and just want to see what the game has to offer, I have no problem enabling some cheats.
  4. Looks like a very old 29-wire modchip. Best to cut that thing out and flash the TSOP, or install a more modern modchip. First thing, get a copy of the eeprom.bin There are various paths to take from there, but I would make sure the hard drive is locked, carefully remove the modchip, and flash the TSOP.
  5. Need: Crystal XBOX DVD drive bezel PM me on here if you have one please.
  6. I added a folder installer for this script that doesn't move files. You could use it and ignore any errors, it still creates the default.xbe for attaching the ISO. 1) Remove folder "XISO to HDD Installer" from "\XBMC4Gamers\system\scripts\XBMC4Gamers Extras\" 2) Copy "Batch XISO to HDD Installer" and "Folder XISO to HDD Installer" to the same location (see attachment). 3) Copy "Custom_Skin_Setting.xml" to folder "\XBMC4Gamers\skins\Profile Skin\xml\" You can find the scripts in the same place as before (I moved them to the top). The Batch installer should work the same as b
  7. Unlikely, but problems I would check for: - Conflicting IP address: Devices that haven't given up their DHCP address, or conflicting static IP addresses. - Conflicting MAC addresses.
  8. Have you tried connecting an Xbox directly to your PC? Crossover cable probably not required with a modern NIC. Just set a static IP on both Xbox and PC. If the problem goes away, you can focus on looking closer at your home network setup.
  9. Okay. I thought you had some critical information and my xbox was about to suffer from a corrupt hard drive at any moment.
  10. Why is this? I am running an SSD with a SATA adapter with the original xbox IDE ribbon and it seems to work perfectly. I would assume the xbox would just run the interface at ATA-33 speeds. (My adapter says it supports ATA-33)
  11. I have it working -> XBMC was caching incorrect header information from incorrect attach.xbe/default.xbe files.
  12. I have ISO loading working great with M8Plus BIOS and a chained kernel patcher that I setup years ago. I have a question about trainers: I'm using the script in XBMC4Gamers to create the default.xbe to mount the ISO, and it seems to be working great. In XBMC, I can find and turn on trainers, but they don't seem to do anything. Does anyone have any insights on why trainers wouldn't work or what I should try?

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