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  1. So Xecuter2 might be best option for rev. 1.0 - 1.4? What I need is option to replace HDD and DVD and use FTP to add games and stuff and I´m not a big fun of doing TSOP by myself.
  2. Thanks! They have also LED´s and USB-adapter for controller so this is absolutely great!
  3. Hi! I´m planning to replace IDE-cable but couldn´t find out should it be 40 or 80pin? Or does it even matter in this case?
  4. Tried to replace the components but the tin won´t melt. Any tips? Temperature were like 500c but nothing happens.
  5. Gonna need that guide more than often, thanks!
  6. Finland. My Crystal revision is 1.6.
  7. I accidentally broke my power board and tried to search a sparepart from ebay etc. with no luck. Any idea where I could get one? One of the the 1.4 revision had a a board which is little diffeferent than the one in Crystal so I didn´t try that one...

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