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  1. I was just going to add. In case you already have your wiring correct and followed the guide. Grab your soldering iron and just reflow your connections. I had the same issue on my first install and then it booted up just fine.
  2. Unless someone corrects me, if you search for "TOP-60 Optical Laser Lens Replacement" a few options will pop up on ebay and even Alliexpress. Those should fit and replace the Thomson TGM600 laser lens assembly and those are not badly priced. Around $15 dollars US. I bought one to try as my Thomson's laser is on its last leg. Haven't installed it yet. If one was looking to adjust the pot anyway, here is one helpful guide. Link I had a guide forever and day ago that went into detail about readings you should be getting for the Philips and Samsung drives which was a wayyyy lower number compared to the Thomsons, but that information is out there. If I find it, I'll post it here as well.
  3. Oh yeah, I totally meant wiping the hard drive and re-using it for something else as 8-10gb is smaller than most thumb drives now a days.
  4. It’s how I was able to rescue an Xbox that I softmodded in 2009. The larger hard drive already failed and well, I lost my eeprom backup as I didn’t my original computer anymore. I was able to rescue some old saves as well. But since then, I’ve been doing hard mods to avoid that carfuffle again. Then I can just drop in a new hard drive regardless. Plus, there are ways to always rescue the EEPROM if needed. So id say recycle it or wipe it completely and build a legacy windows 95/98 machine!
  5. It’s a decent mod chip. 256k memory, typically comes preflashed, easy to do hard drive upgrades right away. Plus, it’s cheap. It’s my first one. If you’re looking to do more creative mods, I’d do some reading and here is a good place to start. https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/modchips Currently, I would say OpenXenium is the next popular choice as it allows for more options like a larger memory for multi-bios setups. Also, this chip allows for adding an LCD to the Xbox. I would checkout XeniumIce, which will be my next purchase, as it comes with a fairly sized massive bundle which adds color changing ports and power/eject buttons. Still runs an open source xenium. Beyond that, checkout just other mods like OGX360 and Xerc2. This will allow for using Xbox 360 controllers and using the old Xbox remote for On/Off operation vs its simplified use.
  6. Hey, I apologize and didn't mean any offense. I was just trying to inquire if I was having an issue like you as well. I completely agree that those temps are way high on your 1.4 and even the temps on mine seem to be on the road to yours. Yet, curious if anyone else had similar temps and I really wasn't sure what the acceptable range of temps should be about. It was more of a question to the community, I should have clarified.
  7. So what are good idle temps? My V1.0 runs idle at CPU 50 degrees and GPU 45 degrees.
  8. College was a weird time / self-discovery phase for everyone.
  9. Ah Gotcha, my bad, misunderstood. I've been tinkering the most with this dash as most of the emulators are already built-in. There isn't a built-in scraper like Emustation so the rom names have to be exactly labeled like the downloadable art names, then images and info pops up automatically. I googled the Resurrection Xtras sets which include all of the art, videos, and roms (minus a few emulators). Then drop in the zipped roms and have emustation do the work. It doesn't have the full customization that XBMC4gamers have, but it's a nice way to clean interface for everything to populate quickly. Just an option.
  10. It would be interesting to try a wireshark capture of the lan communication between the devices and maybe just try setting static IPs between the xboxes to help narrow down the root. Do you have these xboxes on your network or are they just isolated to the little unmanaged switch?
  11. Oh man, these skins were so around back in '08 when I first started modding. Yup, the quality was garbage even back then, like no one knew how to use photoshop or a consistent resolution....
  12. The nice part, if you use XBMC4Gamers or XBMC-Emustation, you can use the built-in downloader to download KI-XXX. Also, XBMC-Emustation acts like Emustation and you can have more retro/emulation fun.
  13. It's rather nuts how far all of it has gone and when one had to use xbins to get emulators/programs. Plus, surprised xbins is still alive and kicking, not really up to date, but still. Also, xbmc has grown the most. Currently, tinkering with XBMC-emustation with getting familiar with how to customize the UI and game info.
  14. Cześć and witamy!

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