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  1. You could also use KADE if you can find one. http://www.kadevice.net/kade-miniarcade/quickstart-guide/index.html Just need a usb adapter, the best part is you can do a shift function and change the joystick to dpad.
  2. No problem I only think they work with Evox
  3. Ha, I did't make any of these nor would I however someone out there might have lost a skin they wanted back but I figured I might as well dump them all however I have seen worse on some of these eBay boxes.
  4. Qwix101 Ftp to your xbox Create xiso's extract xiso's patch default xex and more.... Change Log: Note: Please read the Qwix_FAQ.htm file included with Qwix! Even with that file included in the RAR, many of those questions come up all the time. This is a bugfix release and adds no new features. Qwix 1.01 fixes: - Reworked FTP transfer buffers for improved Windows performance during and after transfers, which can also increase transfer speeds (especially boost mode). - Changed default transfer buffer size from 512KB to 1MB. - F
  5. Some skins I came across on a box when repairing. Thought I would share as these are not on the Slayers Auto Installer Skin.rar Just FYI there seem to be alot of adult skins
  6. Small collection of Evox trainers I had you can simply ftp them into your trainers folder. Trainers.rar

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