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  1. Is there anything I can do about that?
  2. That would make sense because if I turn it right back on the time gets shorter before it shuts off again. It seem to get a bit warm in there too. I've tried putting a desk fan on it no change though. Would it be from the thermal paste under the heat sinks? One of then seems lose.
  3. I replaced the front panel board for one I knew worked and same results. I also looked at the motherboard and the traces look good. Over all this is one of the cleanest I've picked up inside and out. Anyone know what the shut down might be about? It does power on soon as the console is plugged in without pressing the power button and after a few minutes it shuts down. Please help.
  4. Awesome got it thank you guys very much!!! I've encounter a new issue though, after a few minutes the xbox is shutting down on it's own. Also does anyone use hexen? Is there a generic password to format the HD?
  5. Any suggestions how too solder to that tiny point?
  6. Where do I find the DO on the board
  7. I feel like my issue is with the DO wire can someone please explain this? Also ill post some pictures tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Yes the BT is connected just like the picture.
  9. Do I go from the DO on the chip to the ground on the motherboard? Or is there another DO?
  10. I'm back with what I believe is v1.5 installed pin header and placed mod chip on it. When I start it up it starts up as if there is no chip. Seams like something keeping from booting from the chip. Any suggestions or advice?
  11. I'm pretty sure this thing fraged some during the installation. Is it true that replacing the capacitors will fix this? If so can anyone send a like for the best place to purchase. It tries to load 3x then flashes red/green.

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