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  1. you do NOT need a clean room to do the platter swap just a clean "box" just like a sand blasting cabinet just clean instead, first one i ever did was out of scrap bits of steel and plexiglass with glued in dish washing gloves..it was crude but it worked
  2. id like to see it with all of its lighting off to get a better feel for its guts, i too am curious of what kind of numbers your getting
  3. can you recommend a native 720 game(thats not sports related) so i can use it for verification?
  4. 55inch visio running thru a Yamaha TSR-7850 is the setup, i just swapped out the head unit as the old yamaha was having issues where the sound would simply cut out and never come back now heres the deal, the xbox is running xbmc4gamers, the gui and all interfaces are displaying at 100% full screen , however the games so far everything ive tested looks "squished" and has "side boxes", ALL settings are set at 720@16,9@widescreen, yet im still getting the side boxes, im not so sure i had this issue with the previous head unit and if it wasnt such a massive PITA to swap them out i would
  5. i was hoping i could get away with not locking it down just so i had unrestricted access to everything, but after this lil hicup im thinking i m just going to lock it down ...still curious as to what happened, the only thing i can think of is either a udat folder had a minor corruption or somehow managed to lose permissions, which would make more sense with the error it was spitting out
  6. i can ftp in just fine, tryed that dave and it didnt fix it either but was worth a shot and it let me get rid of the extra BS accounts id made trying to bypass the issue now heres the fun bit, so i was reading thru default.py to understand exactly the where/why of the problem, and ive not touched "code" since before the days of the internet..way before dialup was even a thing, so my understandings is rudimentary at best, and was something i learned on both a TI-994A as well as later a "lobo" home computer with 12inch floppys anyway i noticed its pointing at an issue overwritin
  7. nope cant load ANY profile even a fresh one
  8. ok...im clearly in over my head and cant make heads or tales out of it,..ive got ZERO desire to re-do a full 2tb drive someones gotta know something...here is a view of the log so it doesnt need to be d/l'd
  9. im trying my best to understand the log file, but it "looks" to me like the issue is E:\xbmc\system\scripts\XBMC4Gamers\default.py" if thats the case can i just copy it from another location and replace it?
  10. everything's been solid for some time now save for a couple of games that simply refuse to work and im ignoring them....., so my wife created a new profile to use instead of using mine so she could set faves and such...seemed like a good idea....but now, no profile works...so im stumped "script error"script failed xbmc4gamers" then it pops up a message on the bottom left of the screen "error script is missing or taking to long to finish, please send me a copy of your xbmc.log file " i assume the log file thats needed is the /E/xbmc/system..if so..its attached. xbmc
  11. green n white is an odd combo, green n black ALWAYS works still clean lookin rigs
  12. imo do nothing with it but use it as a display..beeing so rare id want to keeep it in as pristine condition as possible
  13. you can actualy use a few things for rust.... but let me be crystal clear here, unless the rust is STOPPED and no moisture of any kind ever gets around it..it WILL rust again...i deal with rust on an almostr daily basis rebuilding old cars, and your painted tins can still be rusting under cheep rattle can paint while you can rattle can over them and get lucky....for now...its not a fix its a bandaid, sure that bandaid in a home may work fine for 10+ years but it can also fail in weeks if you have AC or a humidifier in the home in the case of delicate console tins i would grab so
  14. better question, what are you using for output cables?..it could actualy be the cables not telling the box to display a higher res and basicly "locking out" of higher res, this was an issue i had check all your settings and config, if it all comes out clean then try other cables, "IF" your using a pound link, and you got it off amazon, contact pound directly and see if they will exchange your old one for a new one...amazon is sitting on a HUGE batch of "old version" and wont send them back to pound for updating/replacement
  15. sounds like you had a router that was just choking the connection..typical of service provider junk..its why i dont use them, nothing but netgear in here!!!! as far as file transfers go, let me make a few recommendations, that i learned the hard way a nas drive is great but will generate a TON of heat when cramming a ton of data onto it...BIG FAN needed, i had the best luck after killing some drives, to use a 4 bay "tray" from a pc case with the drive mounted in the center, and a 120mm fan running on 12v blowing across it thru the cage as a air tunnel "chunk by chunk" is most reliable

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