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XChanger 2.5 Bad Flash M7.Bin

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I have an xchanger chip, I know that we are uploading the firmware over the network or from a cd / dvd disc. What should I do when I download the m7.bin file to the layout?
There is a chance to resuscitate him.
Because after playing the console does not start.
I also tried to load from the evox autoinstaller, but the console is restarting.
Do you have any ideas?

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Psyko_chewbacca created a newer tsop_m7.bin recovery BIOS.  Original was tsop_d6.bin.

Here's a forum thread about "Please login or register to see this link. " 29-wire EPROM install. (In Italian - google translate it or use Chrome to translate the webpage.)

and the thread "Please login or register to see this link. " with info on and tsop_m7.bin attachment to download it at assemblergames.com.

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Hello, I know that I should not upload the m7.bin bios to the xchanger, but what to do when it's uploaded and the console on it has no menu. Is xbox supposed to behave like that? And how to restore another bios in xchange is any recovery menu ??

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