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Time Reset After Removing Clock Cap.

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I recently took my old xecuter 2 modded 1.4 xbox out of storage and have replaced the drive and removed the clock cap and its working great. The only issue is if i power off for a few mins and then power on I get a blank screen and it wont boot. If i disable the mod chip and go into the normal OS its looking to set the time(fair enough as i removed the cap). Once i set the time and enable the mod chip it boots fine.

Is there a way to hard set the time so this doesn't always happen. My UnleashX front end gets the time from the internet correctly anyway.


Any help or guidance appreciated guys.

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18 minutes ago, fox said:

why not just give it a new clock capacitor

That is always what I have wondered. Just replace it with a high quality cap, right?

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2 hours ago, wooodyii2 said:

That is always what I have wondered. Just replace it with a high quality cap, right?

Come to think of it, I've never seen any brand recommendations anywhere for new clock capacitors.

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The clock cap was a PowerStor AeroGel SuperCap - rated at 1 Farad 2.5 Vdc.

It can be replaced but not of much use.  Set the clock via the Internet.  

If you prefer to replace it, go with a better quality nichicon supercap rated at 1F 2.5Vdc can be used.

PowerStor's new SuperCaps may have fixed the problem but those used in 2001-2004 for Xbox production are almost all now leaking electrolyte on the Xbox's motherboard destroying it.

Once the time is set, the cap is not needed as long as you don't unplug AC power from the console.  When AC is unplugged and no SuperCap is present, the real-time clock will instantly lose its value.


Which BIOS is currently flashed to your modchip?

There are several BIOSes available to fix the clock loop problem.  The latest BIOS versions available are: 

M8plus (256KB)
X2 4983 (256KB)
X2 5035 (512KB)
iND-BiOS 5003 (256KB)
iND-BiOS Beta Feb-11-05 - aka 5004 (256KB)

Note: Required modchip bank size in parentheses.

Some of these BIOSes come in .06 and .67 versions as well as versions for either v1.0-1.5 or v1.6 consoles.

Make sure you use a BIOS that matches your current LBA48 configuration (F only - .06 or F & G - .67 and console version and modchip's bank size.


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