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XBox Ver 1.0

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I was flashing the xbox version of the tsop 256 kb with the plug, half finished the process and after this the screen is black. I installed the xchanger chip, the console works, is there any chance to repair the tsop? Regards

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Unsolder it from the board and reprogram it in an external programmer.  Solder it back or add a zero insertion force (ZIF) TSOP socket and install the chip in it.  Similar to what "bunnie" did to the Xbox he originally hacked. (See page 91 of Andrew "bunnie" Huang's book, Please login or register to see this link.  and a Please login or register to see this link. as there's not one in the book which mentions installation of a socket for easier removal and installation of the TSOP flash chip.

it may be possible to boot a special TSOP recovery BIOS flashed to the modchip, wire certain control/address lines to ground at the correct time to regain access to the TSOP to reflash it after booting from the flash memory chip connected to the LPC bus to repair a bad TSOP flash.  It's not easy and may not work.

V1.0 with its 1MB flash may be possible another way

All depends, did at least 256KB get written / flashed to the TSOP before the flashing process was interrupted. With the modchip removed, you could tie/solder a wire from ground to A19 and A18 to force booting from the first of four 256KB copies of the BIOS in the 1MB TSOP.


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