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Soufian Elamriti

Crystal Xbox Xbit 1.5

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xbox boots 3 times no image or audio 

i found this xbox the way it is i think its missing a cable to activate the chip ! 

maybe someone knows where i can buy the cable if not its  up for sale shipping outside europe is expensive 

has 120gb hdd 









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That's cable patches into 5Vdc and GND to power the modchip to install the modchip in a v1.6 Xbox.

What version is this Crystal Xbox?

I don't think the X-BIT 1.5's DVD/power cable is needed for non-v1.6 consoles.

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The X-BIT's DVD/power cable is used on a v1.6 Xbox because the 5Vdc power at the LPC debug port of it is always.  Install in a v.16 required pogo pin 6 of the modchip is to be removed.  However, the modchip needs to be powered so they provided that cable for an easy to connect power source.

Error code 05 - HDD not locked.

You need to lock the HDD.  

Do you have the eeprom.bin backup for this xbox?

If not, you'll need an EEPROM reader and PonyProg or Raspberry Pi and PiPROM to read the 8-pin config EEPROM's content.  XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 to lock the Xbox's HDD when the drive is connected to a PC with a USB-to-IDE adapter and power.

There are additional methods to lock the HDD with a PC that has an IDE interface connector. XboxHDM23USB is just the easiest method for newer hardware without one.


Or, install a modchip!  It doesn't require the HDD to be locked like the stock BIOS.

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20 minutes ago, Soufian Elamriti said:

where can i buy a modchip do they stil make them ??

Aladdin XT plus 2's off eBay or aliexpress.com - XT 4032 

There are many sellers listing them on eBay at various prices for the same thing:

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