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Joe Chip

2tb Hard Drive On XEcuter3 Modded XBox

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I've managed to swap out the 200GB hard drive on an old Xecuter3 modded Xbox and I've got it to boot to UnleashX, but I'm not sure about the formatting of F: and G. I've tried both setting it to around 927GB for each partition and also tried  F 120GB G 1734GB but I seem to remember there are some issues with hard drive sizes and partitions. How should I be setting it up to avoid any data loss as I load up games and apps?


Thanks for any help.

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are you using xbpartitioner?
is G: enabled? i think that matters. (there is an option in unleashx)
try booting to the x3 live config. maybe settings in there... i believe you hold white button while booting....
i always use just F but havent ever used a 2tb drive.
apologies for lacking precision.

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Cheers for the reply. I've been into live config. You can set f to around 120GB with G being left over for the remainder. I'm not sure how that will work with such a large drive, though due to the cluster size. Honestly, it's been so long since I looked at this stuff and we didn't have 2TB drives back then.

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Oh, and I've looked at XBpartitioner too. It will let me set various options but as I say, I'm not sure if they will work once I start filling up G.


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The maximum partition size using 64KB clusters is 1,024GB.  Therefore,  a G drive (partition 7) of 1,734GB won't work.

With XBPartitioner v1.3, create two equal sized extended partitions:

Partition 6 - 927.78GB
Partition 7 - 927.78GB

Then, use XBPartitioner v1.3 to write a partition table to the HDD. The latest X3 BIOS, Build 3294, should read the partition table saved to the hard drive.


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Cheers. I saw your previous post on this and it was very helpful. I was getting to the point where partition 6 and 7 were roughly the size you are showing here (949GB) but the Xbox kept deleting the G drive on reboot. Took a bit of digging but once I got into the bios setup screen I could make it read the partition table and then it started seeing G again. I've got to leave it now as it's late, but thanks for the help. I think I've sorted it but I'll have another look in the morning.


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