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Crack Shack Ram Removal.

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the method using a pin and a soldering iron that floats around the net is unsustainable.
i recently acquired a couple dead boards and one of them has samsung ram which my 1.2 had stolen from the bottom when i upgraded my 1.1 and ran out of new parts.

so i said screw it im gonna put the 2 i need on this board.

this is a way better homebrew than the pin.
i made a small 'puller' out of a very thin piece of wire (the type thats inside of cheap cheap twist ties you get for the garbage bags.

twisting the loop over top adds a subtle tension to keep hold of the chip. lots of flux applied to pins (not applied in this pic)
each end is bent over and tucked under the row of pins, use a small enough gauge wire you arent jamming it in.

heated slowly on low setting with a cheap heat gun (the econo brand heat gun)
then one good blast at high once warmed up and it pulled right off.

lots of movement of the gun and very delicate pressure when pulling.
they laid down on the other board with ease
tack the corner on X & Yaxis,
then line up pins and do another x & y. then just apply slight pressure with finger on chip and hit each pin with the iron.

the unit fired right up.
this solution originally came from removing a botched install.... removing i didnt want to accidentally scrape one of those small caps/resistors off. and i had already made a decision that hot air had to be the solution to removing these.

handling the chip becomes most important once the solder goes molten.


removed ram.jpg

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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By wikati
      Curious question
      in a furious rush i harvested 2 ram chips off a working board, now id like to re-install these and get it working again because as far as i can remember this unit worked just fine prior.
      the replacement ram came from a friend with a broken console. one chip had 2 twisted pins which laid down pretty nice with gentle persuasion. 
      now that they are installed (2 on the bottom) the unit will not power on?
      power button does nothing, any ideas how ram affects the power process?
      could this be a separate issue? 
      very interested to hear thoughts/theories. 
      the extent of my troubleshooting was testing a working consoles psu on this board which yielded identical results (power button does nothing, i can 'hear' the psu working there is a subtle discharge sound).
      i have 1 more chip to try in place of the twisted one. 
      there are no bridges on the install and contact is made on each pad as far as continuity is concerned.
    • By wikati
      Friday night i got home excited to try a ram upgrade
      have a perfect V1.1 in a crystal case, what could be better
      soft modded, unlocked the TSOP, flashed x25035 using hexen, swapped in a big sata drive/80wire ide/ installed XBMC as dash, smooth sailing...
      So i had purchased a set of chips from utsource about 4 weeks ago and when they got here i only had 3 chips... checked my invoice and realized i had ordered and paid for 3 chips... bummer

      So in haste i ordered 5 more from an ebay seller in the states... i had ordered  K4D623238F-QC50
      Got all 5
      I installed 4 of them after the TSOP (in the same night) not realizing this is a 512K chip and the XBOX needs the 1M
      all the way up to the 4th i was getting orange and red flashing.... good sign, diligent with continuity tester
      on the 4th it was clear something was wrong... i went to bed frustrated with a few unknowns.
      Got back at it and installed the 3 utsource chips in place of the 512's, when i had all 3 in with 4 still being installed i realized at flashing orange and red the eject button would boot the X2 bios??? what sorcery is this.
      The ram wasnt being recognized but it prompted me to consider XBLAST (which i was vaguely aware of)  seeing as i had access to HDD/FTP from dash
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Found the xbe version, booted from XBMC and actually had a success on 1/4.. now im feeling ok.
      Re-flow the other 3 (XBLAST has a diagram entailing which chip is which so you can refrence their test screen)
      now i've got 3/4 testing positive. very excitedly I open up another xbox i use and harvest a chip (hell i can replace it another time!!!!)
      Well, the removal goes spotty at best and by the time ive lined up the pins and got the soldering done one of the corner pins breaks off while im trying to make a small adjustment.... angry i take it off the board.... lift a pad.... now you've ruined a wonderful console, and have 3 chips to remove and not enough supplies to outfit anything with an upgrade. remove yourself from the situation, breathe deep and take a nap.
      luck is funny.
      Please login or register to see this link.
      After examining the pinout of the chip i realized the center pins of the right and left side are named N.C..... what could that be? is it possible thats pin for the pad that lifted??
      Ii find another datasheet that explains the definition of N.C as "reserved for future revisions" otherwise: This pin doesnt get used right now... WHAT!!?!?!?!
      Sure enough the lifted pad is N.C on the pinout diagram
      Just yonder a warm optimism drags me back into the basement.
      Now focused, rested, and caffeinated i go to work at harvesting another IC from the 1.4. a fantastic removal, straight pins and all.
      Get the chip down with no hiccups and wearily stare at that grey pin on a brown backdrop (lifted pad)
      all back together XBLAST reports 4 success'
      victory is sweet
      XBMC sees it, Virtual Cop 3 boots....

      Despite so many stupid mistakes it worked!
      But its not all roses i wasted 30 bucks on 5 ic's i will never use and also the fact my 1.4 is now in limbo.

      so i can either replace the 2 and call it a day..... or...... order 6 and spend another 12 hours hunched over a 17 year old game console..... i think i'll take the latter.
    • By shoe.
      Hey all!
      I recently completed and posted on a few Facebook groups a little project which I recently finished and one of your members recommend me come here and share it with you all, so here goes!
      The whole thing started when I decided I wanted to build a PC into an Xbox. I've done a little bit of modding here and there in the past, but nothing to this extent. Sadly I didn't make a build log as I went along, but here is the finished product for you to enjoy!
      The spec:
      Intel i5-7400 Processor running at 3.0 GHz  Zotac 4GB 1050 Ti Graphics Card 16GB DDR4 Crucial Memory running at 2400 MHz  MSi H110i PRO LGA1151 Mini-ITX Motherboard 250GB Samsung NVMe SSD 2TB Seagate Barracude Storage HDD 300w Game Max Power Supply It's got a custom water cooled loop in there too, and boots to Windows desktop in 13 seconds!


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