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I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox.  I've had a lot of information but without any results.   So far I know of these from the PC will work. 

1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition
2 Descent II
3 Doom
4 Doom II
5 The Ultimate Doom
6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment
7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution
8 Duke Nukem 3D
9 Heretic
10 Hexen
11 Rise of the Triad
12 Shadow Warrior
13 Quake
14 Quake II
15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader)
16 Zombie Crisis

I found these at this link here. Please login or register to see this link.

I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox  had a lot listed here. 

Star Wars 

Doom II: Hell On Earth 
Herian 2 
Dimensions of Time 
Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission 
Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny 
Wolfenstein Second Encounter 

Quake III Arena 

Shadow Warrior: 
Wanton Destruction 
Twin Dragon 
In Time 
Lo Nukem 
Last War 
Rampage Warrior 
Tai Wang 
Tonight Never Ends 
Wang Bang Heaven 
When I Was Young 


Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know.  Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods   




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On 2/13/2018 at 9:02 PM, Incursion64 said:

Putting a pack together for Ninja?

Thanks for doing the asking!! What a treat that would be!!!

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Over at emuXtras there is a thread where members discuss porting Half Life.
I saw that too. Been watching them for quite some time now. He's made tons of progress so far. Honestly thank you for posting any updates on this though.
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I asked for help in several places and only one or two people offered to help. I had several projects going at once so I chose the that it time crucial first. I will work on this as soon as I get more files accumulated together.

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I can upload what I have to Google Drive. There's a pack with 114 games that I found and it should be fairly reasonable size wise. Does that work for you? It's a mix of PC ports and homebrew. 


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have personally tested all of the quake, doom, and Duke3D listed here as well as the AVP port and zombie crysis all work quite well.
will update when i FTP back to PC and will post mega link
never mind, someone else has linked this already

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noticed someone else already linked for these

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Ok as soon as I can I will grab all the fps games from that and subtract it from the list. Then anyone start searching for any of the other games please.

Is beginning to think I was the only one that really enjoyed old school first person shooters.


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