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Hey, so i have an xbox that was running UX dash had been softmodded and was in french

i fixed it all up and have everything how i want it.... except the default language keeps going back to french whenever i switch it to english and then power down... anything come to mind?

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Good question. any idea on how to tell without any knowledge what i did prior to this point? i appreciate you droppin in.

What end up happening is i booted with the dvd drive open to boot to the xbox dash and changed the language., then power-off/power-on the language change stuck..
I had been booting xboxdash.xbe from file manager in xbmc and changing language.

it wouldnt stick.

So, that must be a virtual C? because there seems to be another installation on a seperate partition. R:

Seems to be working. I was surprised the game carried the language change,


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I have never had the language issue but I have used Rocky5's Soft Mod tools to return the unit back to its' default state and then re-do the Soft Mod.  I still prefer the Splinter Cell / Game Save way of Soft Modding vs. using like a utilities disk though.

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I ended up getting it to stick by booting to the microsoft dash. boot with the disk drive ejected.

when i changed it from there it seemed to stick.


I used Hexen LXHDM option to "rebuild the drive" i guess it does like a full reinstall, works well.

On 12/14/2017 at 10:45 AM, mkulrey13 said:

I need to do this on my Crystal. It boots french and i have no idea as i cant read one word in french and i took that language in high school lol.

Try the way i did it?

I use my gut when i navigating french. trying to think on a total translation would just sit me down. UnleashX was making it rather easy to find language settings.

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