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  1. You won't regret it! I had the luck of finding 2 XBOXes for the price of 1! Here's what I used to help identifying mine, plus Rocky5 softmod will also tell you which version you have after installed: https://xboxdevwiki.net/Hardware_Revisions, http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=367210&seqNum=2 - Did a softmod on v1.6 and replaced the original 10GB HDD for a 80GB HDD, this one will be used to run emulation with XBMC EmuStation + no-intro ROMs, for artwork I used SkraperUI and this tutorial on reddit. This way I'll be able to play every console I don't have, and I'll use it for 4 player games instead of buying multitap adapters and extra controllers for those older consoles. - v1.2 is also softmodded and it requires rewiring 3 or 4 corroded traces due to reboot/power issues, when repaired it will be used for XBOX games. I will eventually hardmod both to be able to use unlocked HDDs, I'm planning to use (if tested successfully) SD to IDE adapters with 128gb or bigger kingston cards: no mechanical parts, less noise, less heat, less power drain. I'll probably add an SD extension and an SD card slot so I can replace SD cards without opening the console! The same 128gb card also works with PS2, PSP, PSVita, and I'm still waiting for a USB3 adapter to test it on the Wii USB port too! And I bought a Duke! IT. IS. AWESOME!
  2. Sorry, been busy so took a while to reply. I took a closer look at the original dashboard files, but couldn't find anything related to translated text, even tried hexediting some files, but they're either compressed or encrypted. UnleashX dashboard includes xml for English, French, German and Spanish. Any possibility that some other translations exist? If not, I'll probably make one for myself and share it.
  3. I'm trying all methods of XBOX modding: softmodding with exploit is learned and understood, later steps will be TSOP (v1.2) and modchip (v1.2/v1.6) but for now I decided to replace the original 10GB Seagate HDD with a 80GB 7200rpm Seagate HDD because the original is reporting below 50% health with Acronis Drive Monitor. I went with XBOXHDM 2.2a because I already had a FAT32 flash drive for booting ISOs, so I just extracted the content, added the entries from menu.lst to my menu.lst, copied eeprom.bin to \eeprom folder and extracted v5960 dashboard files from Clean_C_and_E_Files_for_Xbox.7z to \hdm\C. It couldn't be simpler: Boot Slax, run xboxhd2 from command window (phase 2), run xboxhdm to create C/E/F partitions and autocopy the dashboard, lock the HDD with xboxhd2 again, insert HDD in the XBOX. All was OK until I booted the XBOX and was greeted with error 21. A quick Google search indicated it might be related to missing dashboard files, so I checked the C partition content with a quick hotswap, Windows XP and Xplorer360 beta6, and discovered that the files were copied in the 8.3 DOS naming scheme. For example, the "xboxdashdata.185ead00" folder was copied as "xboxda~1.185", the "XBox Book.xtf" file was copied as "xboxbo~1.xtf" and so on. Deleting all files and dropping them into Xplorer360 again solved the naming problem and the XBOX booted correctly. (EDIT: for some strange reason, partition E had duplicated folders: tdata, udata, TDATA and UDATA) So the question is: Why did Slax/QEMU copied the files in 8.3 format?
  4. Sorry for digging up an old topic, but my question is about a similar subject, so I thought it would probably better to keep it all in one topic. My XBOX was set to Portuguese Language, and after softmodding with Splinter Cell and Rocky5 Softmod 1.1.6, the menus are now in English. There's no language file anywhere to select in System Settings, and booting C:\xboxdash.xbe with File Explorer takes me to the original Dashboard in Portuguese, where the laguage settings are already set to Portuguese. I don't mind the softmod dashboard being in English, but can it be changed to other languages? If so, where can I get the translations?
  5. Many thanks! All is working again! Here's what I did: I connected the HDD to an old Compaq EVO running XP, the HDD was in fact unlocked and partitions accessible with Xplorer360 beta6, so I extracted the E/Backups/EEPROM folder. Then I connected the HDD to a Win10 x64 laptop with a Conceptronic IDE/sATA to USB 2.0 adapter, copied eeprom.bin to the xboxhdm23usb folder, ran xboxhd.bat and chose "3. Lock hard drive". Done! I think I might have a clue or two to what caused this situation: 1. The XBOX v1.2 has the power/eject button malfunction due to corrosion in the board traces, which I'll fix eventually. This might have triggered a power off during reboot because the XBOX powered itself down during the null key process. It seemed to continue the process when I powered it on but eventually got the ERROR 05. 2. I have Acronis Drive Monitor installed in the Win10 laptop and it reported the HDD health state at 50%. It has already many bad sectors and that might have contributed to the problem. I'll replace it with a bigger/healthier HDD when I get the XBOX modchipped.
  6. Thank you for the instructions and the links. I used the FTP method, ran xboxdash.xbe from the File Explorer, changed the timezone in the settings, powered off/on, and I'm back to the softmodded GUI with the correct date/time, so problem solved! I'll do the same in the other console once I fix it, but that's a problem for another topic :)
  7. Funny you mention that, because I already have 2 on the way, but they'll take a while to arrive. Meanwhile I decided to mess around with softmodding to learn a little more about both methods.
  8. Yes it did say so. I did back up the v1.6 but forgot to backup the v1.3, so it's all on me. But it also serves as a learning curve for playing around with hotswapping :D
  9. But the backup is inside the E partition, can I access it using the hotswap method after removing the DVD drive to force an error 11 and supposedly leaving the drive unlocked for access?
  10. I have 2 XBOXes v1.2 and v1.6 with Rocky5 softmod v1.1.6. I was messing around with the NKPatcher and nulled the HDD drive key on one of them before backing up the EEPROM and now it boots up to error 05. It seems I need to format it using the hotswap method, xboxhdm v1.9 and a backup of the Dashboard from the C partition, which I don't have. Can I use the files from the other XBOX? EDIT: I'm probably looking at it fro the wrong angle... when using the hotswap, won't I get access to the backed up EEPROM in the E partition? Can it be used to restore the HDD?Or is it better to just format it and start from scratch? This subject is still pretty new to me.
  11. Thanks for the input. In the meanwhile I was messing around with the NKPatcher and nulled the HDD drive key before backing up the EEPROM and now it boots up to error 05, but I'll start a new topic about that and come back to this one once the HDD is back to working order...
  12. I installed Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool v1.1.6 on both my v.12 and v1.6. The clock is set to autoset the time /date but it seems to be getting the wrong timezone, and I can't find where to change it. Could it be it needs a different SMTP IP address? I'm on GMT +0 (Lisbon, London).
  13. Hello! I never had a XBOX before because I already had a PS2 and couldn't afford another console. Now that I'm in my forties I decided to start a console collection (just the main Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Sony consoles) to find out what I missed in my youth. I bought 2 XBOXes from the same guy: a v1.2 with power/eject issues, and a v1.6 with a stuck DVD drive. I cleaned the first one and removed the clock capacitor, but it needs some rewiring because of trace damage, but it's kinda working for now. The v1.6 was just a stuck Samsung drive easily fixed by cleaning the eject rubber belt. Both are now softmodded (used a PSP as memory card :) ) and running Hypervision 5 Gems, and will soon receive modchips so I can upgrade their drives to SSD or IDE->SD adapter, whatever comes first! All I need now is more than 1 controller!

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