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new to this website, trying to find where i can troublshoot different things im haveing trouble with like why i cant a disk ive burned to load properly. The file explorer can see the files like they should be but when you run the default.xbe it just reboots to dash. Same thing happens when i try to FTP the game over. plz help

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I've had problems with corrupted files that have done this. Also some files may be missing.  I would try to find another copy or turn it into an .iso with qwix then burn with imgburn.


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I had this same issue over the weekend. I downloaded a iso of a disc I had lost in the house move.  So after eventually finding the disc I was able to compare the files and sizes of the files, it was very obvious what was missing.

oddly I was able to download the whole of coin ops 8 massive without so much as a missed file. 


Goes to to show some sites are better than others.

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