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  1. Did you change the aspect ratio settings in UnleashX and the Microsoft dash, widescreen or normal? I leave my TV set to Auto and set the Xbox to Widescreen. Sometimes you need to adjust emulators and homebrew settings anyways because they don't usually get their video settings from your dashboard. Once you set them they shouldn't need set again though.
  2. Ohai!

    Glad you are here!
  3. 1.0 boards are always wanted. I wish I still had one.
  4. Questions and Other Stuff

    I had this problem with a few roms, mainly Goldeneye. I opened the emulator through file manager and changed the settings for the games that didn't work. After changing the settings for each non working game they functioned perfectly. Here's a link to a page that lists the settings to try if a rom isn't working. http://sprinkleboutique.com/some-settings-that-work-for-nintendo-64-surreal-64-emulator-on-the-original-xbox/ If the emulator itself isn't working try deleting all the emulator files and replacing them with the emulator EWJ supplies, I had to do this to get it to work at all.
  5. Clock Capacitor Removal

    You can twist it back and forth until it pops off but it's safer to desolder it or cut the legs with clippers. You can clean up the area where it leaked with isopropyl alcohol and it will usually be fine.
  6. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

  7. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    If you are doing the hard drive upgrade after you have flashed the TSOP you can try formatting it as NTSC first to see if that does the job for you. If it doesn't work you can reformat the drive as PAL and then run Enigmah-X to switch it afterwards. Once the TSOP is flashed you are always able to boot up a Hexen disc or something to fix any hard drive issues.
  8. Updating Old Modchipped Og XBox.

    Yeah, you can use his disc to install XBMC4Gamers. It's a great dash too. His XBMC dashboard versions are definitely more work to get everything looking just how you want it, but once they are set up they are amazing.
  9. Clock Capacitor Removal

    The capacitor will leak and when it does it can literally eat through the traces of the motherboard. Removing the capacitor and cleaning up the area helps prevent this. If it is not removed it's just a matter of time before the Xbox quits working. On the 1.6 boxes they upgraded the caps to a higher quality and it's not currently an issue, in fact they are required on a 1.6 for the Xbox to even boot. Any system below a 1.6 needs it removed as soon as possible.
  10. The Foxbox

    Excellent work, I really like it.
  11. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    Haha, no. I think he was a true genius though. He figured out stuff that made the Xbox the moddable beast it is today. While he was de-lidding chips and mapping out the LPC I was just doing case mods at the time. I didn't start really modding the system itself until the earliest mod chips were released. I remember when upgrading to a 40gb hard drive was a big deal, lol.
  12. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    You are welcome. I have been modding Xboxes since they were released. I just did three of them this week. I know quite a bit but there are many others here that have crazy amounts of knowledge. You will always be able to find any help you might need here.
  13. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    Go ahead and softmod the Xbox first. Then you will be able to FTP into the Xbox and copy all the saves to your computer for backup. FTP is a method of networking into your Xbox, or many other types of computer systems, from your computer. You need an FTP program, I prefer Filezilla. Once the Xbox is softmodded and plugged into your network it will have it's own IP address just like every other device on the network. You open your FTP program and connect to the IP address of the Xbox and it will open up a listing of the Xbox's hard drive where you will be able to upload and download files on it. You should also go ahead and open the Xbox and determine what model it is, if it is below a 1.6 model you need to remove the clock capacitor to prolong it's life. It sounds like a lot of information all at once but there are plenty of tutorials to help you out and we are always happy to help with any questions you have.
  14. Converting Controllers To Wireless

    I've tried Logitech and Pelican. The Logitech are definitely good but I still notice the input lag. The Pelican are garbage as far as input lag goes.

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