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  1. Yea i would be interested in the board as long as it works
  2. Massive Google Drive

    Thx man been working hard on it
  3. Massive Google Drive

    Yea no problem
  4. G'day Guys, New Modder Wanting To Learn Tips

  5. G'day Guys, New Modder Wanting To Learn Tips

    Here is an app pack of every thing you should need for all your modding needs for original xbox and quite a few tutorials.
  6. XBox Merch Website

    Hello Og-Xbox we have just set up a merch website for xbox-hq so if you would like to check it out or buy something it really helps thx https://teespring.com/xbox-hq-com
  7. Sppv's Grepo

    Hey everyone sppv made a grepo and he has shut it down so i am helping him keep the files up still so he made a app called net builder so i hope you guys enjoy here is the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lmoiuCoHmjvKgZEhY--Cndoa40EZmPqC
  8. Updating Old Modchipped Og XBox.

    Yea i collect alot of original xbox files as i find them and add them into that google drive
  9. All In One Picture Pack

    Yea no problem took me a while to put together
  10. This is a all in one picture pack i made there is some extras but there is alot of consoles and controllers and lots of other pictures so enjoy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dXnh3BJf54a3AfQYTHE1BrA4LO0uKpel
  11. Misc Parts for Sale

    How much would you sell the 1.0 xbox board for
  12. *sold* Og XBox X3 Modchip Solderless System - $100

    Dude 100$s plus the solderless part is not a bad price and i could see this selling very easily so i dont know what you mean by its a bad deal
  13. Updating Old Modchipped Og XBox.

    once you get it going use my google drive i have everything you should need https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QmJnbB-NJFH4f3TgVBmit-GRrSJ3Ah4M
  14. Massive Google Drive

    Thx for all the support I may have a ftp server up but it will be a premium to have accessto it and it will cost 5$ to get access to it

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