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  1. Pc Ports - Fps's and First Person Rpg's

    have personally tested all of the quake, doom, and Duke3D listed here as well as the AVP port and zombie crysis all work quite well. will update when i FTP back to PC and will post mega link never mind, someone else has linked this already
  2. Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    try ghost case, i mean, they aren't as good but sometimes they have the Ruby in stock. I am also in search of a pristine Xcm Ruby case. have been for a while but every time i find one I'm too broke to buy it.
  3. any links or video you know of by chance? thank you by the way cOrPsE. I will ask on the FB group as well.
  4. Just wondering as i never have seen these in person and only have heard of them. I was wondering if anyone here actually had any type of video of one of these in action? or maybe someone here actually owns one? Much Appreciated
  5. Hey Guys!

    Hello everyone. thank you for having me here. My name is Cory Im from Thornton, Colorado and Im 21 Years old for the most part I collect original Xbox consoles, games, controllers, and other rarities of that sort. Currently i have a pretty decent collection of games, both sealed and open CIB. I currently own a green Halo ed. console with a 500 GB IDE upgrade, a Ghost Case light green console with a LED and jewel upgrade and a 250 GB IDE, and 8-10 extra baisic consoles. are all soft-modded with UnleashX or EvoX and all of the others have Varying HDD upgrade sizes. I have kept all of my original HDDs as well and marked them to match each of the consoles .My favorite Games to play on Xlink Kai are Steel Battalion LoC, Battlefront II, Halo 2 CE (mod for H2 making it more like CE), Crimson Skies, and Conker: Live and Reloaded. my Xlink name is DefinitiveDefeat. I have had a few mod projects, although my hard-modding skills are very light, I have a few Original Xbox case mods, HDD upgrades, LED installations, Jewel Replacement/Customization and Disc Drive replacements. I Have yet to do a Chip installation of any kind, and have yet to actually attempt to do so. What I hope to gain from joining here is more knowledge on my favorite piece of hardware and pay close attention to any kind of knowledge I can gain in hopes to eventually do a chip installation and more. as time goes on I hope to share information I find here as well. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to eventually Play with you guys on Xlink and maybe here soon I will do a video or a couple of pics of my collection/projects thus far. Thanks again! Cory
  6. X3 Modded Halo 2 Blue XBoX for Sale

    interested as well.

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