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  1. Yo2

    Wtb XErc 2

    N64 contacted me and we did business, thanks
  2. Salut, Enchanté, surpris de voir un Français, on ne doit pas être en nombre lol Pour ma part j'ai 26ans et c'est Yo. La communauté est super sympa et il y a beaucoup a partager et a apprendre. A+ Yo
  3. Yo2

    Wtb XErc 2

    Hi, i'm looking to buy a Xerc 2, i have paypal. Thanks
  4. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    Thanks for the advice Cory
  5. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    I bought the console like this.
  6. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    I already have in my hands XCM Ruby and Crystal, i think the quality is very medium. I never pay so much for that.
  7. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    LOL I didn't know it was so expensive on the other side of the Atlantic.
  8. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    I can up to 80$ if anyone have it in best condition.
  9. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    Ok, i can offers 50$,
  10. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    Thanks, what is your price ? What the global condition on 10/ ? I don't see well on the pictures, no scratches ? Thanks
  11. Yo2

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    Hi, anyone have a XCM ruby case to sell ? Thanks
  12. Hi Cory, nice to meet you, i'm from France, my xlink name : Yo2 See you
  13. Nice Ben ! Just a big finish and that's perfect ! The Jewel is inverted i read XOBX lol (second picture)
  14. Hello, i'm very interested Your price is my price !! $$$$ Thanks

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