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New to the OG Xbox and I have some questions

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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but as the title says, I'm relatively new to the OG Xbox, it's an awesome console but seems to be pretty complex as well. I have a softmodded 1.6 Xbox. The first issue/question I have is when I turn the console on, it boots in 4:3 and SD even though it's connected with a Chimeric HDMI adapter, also in some guys like 007 Nightfire, it's pretty blurry almost like it's running in SD, is this an issue with 1.6 Xboxes?

If that is an issue with 1.6 consoles, whether it's because of the Xcaliber encoder or whatever, what is the best revision to use on HDTV's with HDMI adapters like the Chimeric one or the Xedusa? Thanks to anyone who can help!

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The high-resolution videos mods must be enabled in either the stock dashboard or a replacement dashboard that modifies the settings in the Xbox's Configuration EEPROM.  If they have not been, you are seeing 480i resolution displayed on your TV set through your HDMI adapter.

Use one of the following dashboards to enable the 480p and 720p resolutions and widescreen mode:

Stock Dashboard (aka MS Dashboard) - Settings > Video


one of the following XBMC variants: XBMC4Xbox, XBMC4Gamers, or XBMC-Emustation

These dashboards can change the video settings and save them to the Xbox's configuration EEPROM.

But NOT:

UnleashX - its high-definition resolution settings are only for itself not saved to the Configuration EEPROM


Evoxdash - I don't recall this replacement dashboard even having a way to change/enable high-definition resolution settings. 



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