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Wiping Hard Drive

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Upgraded my tsop xbox with a 2tb hard drive which replaced the 500gb sata drive, I have tried wiping this drive 500gb but windows or Linux refuses to because it doesn't see it correctly, what am I doing wrong, I don't want to brick the drive. 

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Hi vwboywonder

Try using a partition program to change it from XFAT to NTFS.

Then do a full/Slow Format.

I use AOMEI Partition Assistant but there are plenty others out there.




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Thanks for the help SS_Dave, found the reason why I wasn't able to format the drive, it was locked so put it back in xbox, used config magic to unlock the hard drive then I was able format the drive. 

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      Could someone tell me please if it's possible to use a 2tb hard drive (or either 3tb) on a softmodded console ? 
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      Looks like the power supply of my Xbox has died and was going to swap it with another Xbox a friend gave me, but turns out the hardware got changed somewhere along the lines and it's not do-able to swap the power supplies, so figured i'd just swap the hard drive instead allowing me to keep my games/dashboard etc.  It's been a long time since i soldered the chip on my dead Xbox and the other one i have has a different chip.  Anyway, am getting 06, 13 and 21 errors on the Xbox with the newly installed hard drive.
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