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  1. Thanks for the help SS_Dave, found the reason why I wasn't able to format the drive, it was locked so put it back in xbox, used config magic to unlock the hard drive then I was able format the drive.
  2. Upgraded my tsop xbox with a 2tb hard drive which replaced the 500gb sata drive, I have tried wiping this drive 500gb but windows or Linux refuses to because it doesn't see it correctly, what am I doing wrong, I don't want to brick the drive.
  3. vwboywonder

    Online Gaming

    Connected the old beast up the other evening hoping for little thumb exercises playing halo 2 using this software from team xlink, managed to get everything working upto the point seeing all the matches available to join, but this was how far as I got, I couldn't join one single game, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has managed to get on with the online gaming.
  4. Hi, new here also, nice getting my hands dirty once more.
  5. Have been watching the null eeprom video on YouTube, specially interested for the 1.6 xbox, little confused on the upgrade of a larger hard drive, after the null eeprom you can't just drop in a blank larger hard drive or can you like you can with Tsop system.
  6. hi everyone , have just back into original xbox again ,modded my first xbox last week all going well so far.
  7. Nice work, I have the commodore c64 skin at the moment.

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