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Best way to upgrade 1.6 Softmodded Xbox Harddrive.


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I believe using Chimp 261812 to clone the current to a new DVD IDE connector hard drive is the easiest if you want the data on the current hard drive to be transferred to the new drive.

However, wth the eeprom.bin backup, you can use the Xbox Softmodding Tool's Installer Variant / XBHDM Build.zip's extracted content and FATXplorer 3.0 Beta to format and write it to the new hard drive.  Lock the drive.

Download any additional content from the current hard drive that's not present on the new drive.

Install the new drive to boot into the Xbox Softmodding Tool's no-original-game-disc-required installer.  Complete installation of the softmod by following the onscreen instructions then FTP the backed up content to the new hard drive.

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