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Suggestions off the top of my head:

1) Use an SSD- this makes the whole boot process much quicker no matter how many games you load (not practical if you really need 2TB,  too expensive at this time, I use a 480GB SSD). Obvious and overkill.

2) When uploading via FTP, ensure you upload *one file at a time*. This can easily be set in Filezilla and helps reduce filesystem fragmentation. There are no known FATX defragmentation tools at this time so prevention is easier than cure. If you have been uploading multiple files at once, I would suggest to reformat and retransfer.

3) Use a patched version of UnleashX that does not search for and extract all the game icons on every boot (instead it is extracted when a game is first launched). Rocky5's softmod disc has this, you can download the part with the patched UnleashX here: https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/raw/master/Extras Disc/Dashboards/UnleashX.zip . This probably has negligible effect, since it still needs to search for the title in each XBE, but it might help.

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    • By matt77303
      Hi guys. 
      Long time since I've fiddled with any thing xbox related. Chipped my crystal 1.6 today that I've had in the cupboard for the last 15 years basically just to enable hd resolutions. 
      When I was massively into the scene I seem to remember you could boot to a second dashboard via pressing a button on the controller during boot up. I only really used x2 or x3 chips back in the day so I can't remember if that was a feature of those chips/BIOS. 
      Is that possible with the evoxm8 bios, I'd like it to boot to the standard ms dash as standard, but have the ability to boot into evox dashboard for apps, emulators etc, currently doing it via booting a dvd with evox dashboard on it.
      Thank you. 
    • By LuKa1987OR
      Hi Guys,
      I'm trying to fix an xbox which takes about 5minutes to boot. It is a softmoded V1.6 and I swapped its dvd driver from a Samsung (which I need for my main xbox) to a Philips (very temperamental and reads just some original games). I don't know why but the slow boot is related to the dvd drive, as it boots in a flash when connected to his original dvd drive. Anything I can do to solve the issue keeping the Philips drive?
      Thanks a lot!
    • By cOrPsE
      DHCP, PC and Xbox are wired ethernet. All devices in the same room. Basically one day it was fine and the next it wasn't. Its so strange. When I ftp to any xbox from my PC, it maxes out around 1mb on FlashFXP. I have tried from Linux using a different client. Also tried 3 different windows clients. I changed out modems and ethernet NIC. If I setup an FTP from one xbox to another, the speeds between them are great/normal like 11mb. I can take files FROM the xboxs to my PC at the same speed. This is not simply just a 1 xbox issue if you cant tell. Any xbox I hook up, same shit happens. I tried 3 different dashboards. Tried different HDDs obv. The only thing I can think of is around the time this started happening, I did the forza multiple screen thing through DHCP. However my setup has completely changed since then, and new xboxs too. I am really lost on what this could be. I feel like i have covered every single base, but problem persists. This has happened to me in the past and 2 things fixed it. One time, I changed the ethernet cable. Tried that this time, didn't work. It specifically happened after a windows update way back so i reverted to an old version and that fixed it. However trying linux I feel has ruled that out. /shrug

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