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Unleash X Boot Up Is Slow

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Suggestions off the top of my head:

1) Use an SSD- this makes the whole boot process much quicker no matter how many games you load (not practical if you really need 2TB,  too expensive at this time, I use a 480GB SSD). Obvious and overkill.

2) When uploading via FTP, ensure you upload *one file at a time*. This can easily be set in Filezilla and helps reduce filesystem fragmentation. There are no known FATX defragmentation tools at this time so prevention is easier than cure. If you have been uploading multiple files at once, I would suggest to reformat and retransfer.

3) Use a patched version of UnleashX that does not search for and extract all the game icons on every boot (instead it is extracted when a game is first launched). Rocky5's softmod disc has this, you can download the part with the patched UnleashX here: Please login or register to see this link.  . This probably has negligible effect, since it still needs to search for the title in each XBE, but it might help.

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    • By shaunme14
      Hi i messed my xbox up by deleting files off the c drive and to cut a long story short ive managed to get it running again using the hexen disc, i want to boot into XBMC4GAMERS which i have on my E drive, trouble is there is no default.xbe  on my c drive? there is just a IND bios config which says the following

      not sure why it says default xbe in cd rom because i have removed the Hexen disc? any help would be appreciated.
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      I recently picked up a 1.5/128 console and am looking to trick it out as much as humanly possible. 
      First on my list is customizing the boot logos. I’ve managed to alter the “microsoft” text basically using MS paint, but the “XBOX” text above seems a bit trickier. 
      (My friend and I both have 4-letter names, so I’m sure you can see where this is going)
      I found some sample files and a guide posted by Rocky5 but the date on the guide is from 2004 and references 3DSMAX 6, which I can hardly even find mentions of on the web, let alone a functional copy.
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      Actually last edit this time: ASSUMING your config is functional, is there a version of IND wherein the config file can be injected without killing the console? I’m not sure but I think mine is on 5003. Minimizing startup times is another major goal of this build (WOW does this BIOS boot fast /w no DVD!!)
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