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EvolutionX file problems


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Hello, I am quite new to the Xbox area and recently bought an XBox classic. Hardware and software on the console are not newer than 2003. Now I deleted a few of my copy folders with one of the existing programs and have had massive problems since. Either my data on F: is not displayed at all or it is displayed and cannot be used. Since then I can neither create nor delete data and it alternates between an empty F partition and a filled one. 

does anyone have a solution for my problem?

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Sounds like it might me a HDD partitioning issue.

If you've exceed the content volume supported by the particular HDD cluster size it has been formatted with you're basically stuffed.

So the obvious thing to do first is use XBPartitioner v1.3 if you have it installed in Appilcations. If it shows error (ER) against the extended partition or partitions (6 and 7: F & G) then that is the problem. If there is then you've lost everything on both F & G because when the cluster size supported volume is exceeded those partitions are corrupted.

You can not be certain what has been deleted or over-written so all the content has to be considered gone.

The partition(s) will need to be reformatted and that will, of course, delete all the content.

Even is it is not this (fingers crossed it is not) it could be a developing HDD problem and the best solution would be to get everything backed up to PC and get a new HDD.

But.........................the problem could be 'just' that you've overstepped the memory limit for particular files. I do not know if there are any known EvoX file limits but with Avalaunch it actually warns you and UnleashX has big problems when you reach some unspecified main menu icon total volume limit.

In the latter case what you get is only a limited number of games, applications, emulators etc will appear in the main menu and the dash loading and navigation gets very slow. This sounds similar to what you've described.

Until we know more and whether it is or is not a partitioning error problem this is all just guess work.      

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Run XBPartitioner v1.3v and see if there if an error (ER) flag on the extended partition(s) just to confirm or not whether the cluster size used in the formatting is the problem.

BTW the content doesn't all just disappear if it is that - there would probably be things that haven't immediately corrupted on F (and G if used) and you can copy it. The problem is you can have no idea which of the hundreds of thousand files have been corrupted unless you test everything you copy actually works 100%. That is practically impossible and so, in effect, you have to to consider everything gone.

As said: the partitioning might not be the cause of the symptoms you've described but you need to check for that first.   

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Actually the files are all okay. When the XBox shows the files I can copy them to other partitions and use them. Only when they are on drive F they just don't work...

For example: My emulators do not start when they are on F: just a loading screen and then I get kicked back to my dashboard. When I copy them to E: they work normally :/

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OK but you should still check using XBPartitioner v1.3.

As said if there's no error flagged on F (or G) you know for certain its not an extended drive formatting problem. One possible cause of the problem is therefore excluded and, obviously, it must be something else.


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