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iND BIOS Stability


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I have been tinkering on and off for a few years now. I have some 128mb N64 Freak boxes they were tsoped from him with ind BIOS. My issue is I have never got them to boot with any kind of stability or repeatability. With mod chips and other BIOS X3/X2/m8 no issue. I have placed the config file in the correct locations.


It boots once and then hangs once power cycled. I can come back and hit the switch and its fine.

HDD for testing is only 64 GB SD card on 80 wire. 

OGX 2021 Fatxplorer beta 3.0 method for HDD creation is unstable and crashes.


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If you use the config above with the OGX 2021 Fatxplorer beta 3.0 nothing will boot.

There is a config ini for the iND already in there. You just have to enable the 128MB in the config by seting it to =1 which I dosn't have done because most ppl just have 64MB.

And have you tried the fixed 5003.67 from Rocky5?


EDIT: And on my site (side?).... I have set up 2 128MB xboxes some days ago using my set up and have no problems whats so ever.

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Any reason why OGX HDD setup does not boot. Looking for clarification as it looks to have all the files in the correct spots on /C: and /E:

Do you have a link for the 5003.67 from Rocky5

Would like to add I have switched the config for 128 with no result.

Other known good HDDs and setups also just hang and crash on dashboards only with iND BIOS

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Rockys fixed iND 5003.67 XISO DL : https://1fichier.com/?masfd22cvtc0h3mcw9dy

The pack has everything it needs in the right places (Incl. shortcuts oin C+E, configs for X2+iND etc. pp.). I use it my self, like I wrote, and never had any problems so fahr.

Have you checked the extra ram with XBlastOS? Just in case any setup is stable enough to do so.

You could try out this config (128MB enabled, custom logo disabled (If needed you can change line 1 "480p=0" to "480p=1" :

480P=0			;							Default=0
AUTOLOADDVD=1	     	;Autoload DVD (if dvd is in tray)  			Default=1 	
AVCHECK=1	     	;Check for AV Pack					Default=1
BGCOLOR=0x000000 	;X Screen BG Color					Default=0xFFFFFF
BLOBCOLOR=0x00A5FF	;Blob Color						Default=0x40ff27
BLOBRADI=23		;radi of the blob					Default=23
BLOBSDEAD=0 		;removes blob (1 = remove)				Default=0
BLOBTHROB=1		;							Default=1
CAMERAVIEW=-1 		;camera view  -1 to 15 accepted, -1 = random camera 	Default=-1
DISABLEDM=1		;disable debug monitor					Default=1
FANSPEED=10		;Fan Speed   10-50 = 20-100%				Default=10
FASTANI=0		;Fast Animation						Default=0
FOGON=1			;Enable Fog						Default=1
FOG1ABS=0 		;absolute color, overides FOG1 color			Default=0
FOG1COLOR=0		;0xAARRGGBB Fog 1 Color					
FOG1CUSTOM=0		;Enabled Custom FOG 1 Color				Default=0
FOG2COLOR=0		;0xAARRGGBB Fog 2 Color
FOG2CUSTOM=0		;Enabled Custom FOG 2 Color				Default=0

GLOWCOLOR=0xa00BDF2	;Custom Glow Color				 	Default=0xa0ff40
IFILTER=1		;Enable Interlace Filter				Default=1
IGRLOADSDASH=1		;Load Dashboard on IGR					Default=0
IGRMODE=2		;IGR Mode 0=off  1=compatible   2=quick    		Default=2
IND3D=1 		;Ind-Bios Custom 'Xbox' Logo				Default=1
INTRO=1 		;Show Intro (0 = disables flub + 'x' screen)		Default=1
IOGLOWCOLOR=0x70C3FF 	;This is the intro/outro glow color			Default=0xA0FF60
LIPCOLOR=0x000100	;							Default=0x000100
LIPGLOW=0x3D94FF	;							Default=0x4b9b4b
MACADDR=00:00:00:00:00:00	;Change MAC Address				Default=00:00:00:00:00:00 (From eeprom)
MSLOGOTRANSEN=0		;Enable Transperancy color for 'microsoft' logo    	Default=0
MSLOGOTRANSCOLOR=0xff00ff	;Transperancy color		    		Default=0xff00ff
NOFLUBBG=0		;Disable Flub BG (Disable Scenery)			Default=0
NOLIGHTEN=0		;Disable Light in Upper Right Corner of X Screen	Default=0
NOSOUND=0		;Disable Sound						Default=0
RESETONEJECT=0		;Reset on Eject						Default=0
SCENECOLOR1=0xFF409BFF	;0xAARRGGBB Scenery 1 Color				Default=0xFF35FF1A
SCENECOLOR2=0xFF409BFF	;0xAARRGGBB Scenery 2 Color				Default=0xFF35FF1A
SCENECOLOR3=0xFF409BFF	;0xAARRGGBB Scenery 3 Color				Default=0xFF35FF1A

SHOWFLUB=0 		;Show Flubber						Default=0
SHOWMSEN=1		;Show 'microsoft' logo					Default=1
SHOWXEN=1 		;Show 'x'						Default=1
SLOWMOBLOB=0		;Slow Down Blob						Default=0
SPIKEYBLOB=0		;							Default=0
TMS=0			;Show Trademarks					Default=0
USEUSEALLMEMORY=1	;Use 128mb of Ram if Available				Default=0
USEXBX=0 		;Use Debug XBX file for Dash Load			Default=0
WIREFRAMEBLOB=0		;Show blob in wireframe					Default=0

XBOXCOLOR=0x2883C9	;Custom 'xbox' color					Default=0x62ca13
XGLOWCOLOR=0x56B6FF	;Custom Glow Color of 'X'				Default=0xCADE00
XINNERCOLOR=0x0365AF	;Custom Inner color of 'X'				Default=0x206a16
XLIGHTCOLOR=0xff000000	;Color of the Light on upper right of 'x'		Default=0xff000000

SKEWEN=1		;Enable change the position of the 'microsoft' logo	Default=1
YSKEWLOGO=-20		;Y for above						Default=-20
xSKEWLOGO=0		;X for above						Default=0

XSKEWXLOGO=0		;X Position of X Logo					Default=0
YSKEWXLOGO=0		;Y for above						Default=0
XLOGOSCALE=100		;X Logo Scale 0-100%					Default=100

XSKEWTEXT=0		;X Position for 'xbox' Text				Default=0
YSKEWTEXT=0	;Y for above						Default=0
TEXTSCALE=100	;Text Scale 0-100%					Default=100
CUSTOMBLOB=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\flubber.x	;Enable custom Flubber from c:\flubber.x
CUSTOMLOGO=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\mslogo.bmp	;Enable custom MS Logo from c:\mslogo.bmp
CUSTOMX=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\xlogo.x		;Enable custom X Logo from c:\xlogo.x
CUSTOMTEXT=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\text.x		;Enable custom Text from c:\text.x

LEDPATTERN=GGGG		;Custom LED Pattern G-Green R-Red O-Orange B-Blank		Default=GGGG
BLOBBGC=0x000000	;background color of blob animation			Default=0x000000



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I had no idea this was a common issue. Nice thanks man. I will get on this after work. This has been bothering me for years. One last question.


I want to only have XBMC4GAMERS dash do I need the evoxdash/unleashx ?

Just to make sure its DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\XBMC4GAMES\default.xbe

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The config is made for the FatXplorer set up which contains all dashboards. The evoxdash.xbe on E & C are just shortcuts pointing to unleash. YOu could leave everthing like it is and create a new shortcut pointing to your X4G and the replace the old ones (which I would do) or you edit the config.

And if you have your X4G on partition 2 (C:\) than " DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\XBMC4GAMES\default.xbe " is right. For normal X4G is on partition 1 (E:\) " E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe "

And no, after you have set up the dash you like you could delete any other dash.

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Issue has been solved.

Mixed results at first. XBMC4GAMERS froze on the settings menu. A reboot resulted in a hang on the iND splash looking for dash. The HDD and adapter was placed in another 128mb box same BIOS no hang up at all. I swapped back immediately, and the 1st boots normal. I flashed x2 4983.67 and same hang. This ruled out a BIOS issue.

The real problem was an intermittent open 80wire IDE cable. I have read of this before from SSDave but never just shrugged it off. Thanks for all the help and rundown of Ind bios config.

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