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128mb Install and Odd Modchip Differences


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I recently took a non-functional 1.0 board with 128mb of ram to a shop and asked that they move the extra ram to another working 1.0 board. Upon getting the unit back I'm noticing some unique behavior and most importantly that it won't boot. I do have an Xblast Lite chip connected, D0 goes from the point on the back to the correct location on the chip. The chip is installed with a header. When I boot with the chip connected, I get a reboot twice and then the Flashing Red and Green. When I disconnect the chip from the headers I get two reboots and a Red and Orange light.

Anything I should have the installer checking out specifically with the above in mind? It looks like they had some pad lifting issues.

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Red/Orange flashing - RAM error

Two reboots then on third Eject ring Flashing Red And Green (FRAG) - some major system component not working properly.  With a modchip installed, I generally see this when the BIOS is not loading from the modchip - bad connection of the modchip to the LPC debug port.  


Edit: Did they use the XBlast OS to test each chip after they installed it to make sure it was working correctly?

It is easy to have bridges between adjacent pins that should not be connected together.  If present, the RAM will not work.

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Thank you for your responses as always @KaosEngineer. That makes a lot of sense on the different boot behaviors. I'll check out the LPC port. Unfortunately I don't believe the shop used the xblast in between chips, they just did the soldering and that was it. They did also put new thermal compound on the GPU/CPU so there is always a chance for damage there too. The pad lifts were in the corner, it looks like A0 and BA1.

I'll move forward reflowing the LPC and maybe try doing this in reverse - removing each ram chip and then trying to boot xblast and doing a ram test starting with the one that had the lifts. I gave the board a rubbing alcohol scrub last night and looked at each ram chip under a magnifying light and the chip with the lifted pads does look a bit offset, so again that would be a good one to start with.

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