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XBMC4GAMERS crashes everytime I leave it unattended because of this file


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Hello everyone! I'm new here and english is not my first language so please bare with me.

So I was customizing xbmc4gamers on my recently softmodded Xbox, specifically I was adding a couple of sources to my root because I wanted a "dashboards" folder to access them right away. I created a folder with MSDash and Unleashed and a third dash I didn't know what it was, but it contained the file "xonlinedash.xbe". Then I tested if the paths worked and they did, except when I tried that last one it appeared an error in green letters saying there was something wrong with my xbox, so I just shut it down and restart again and everything seemed fine.

But since then every time I leave my xbmc4gamers unattended for like 15 minutes it crashes and I get a black screen, interrupting the ftp connection. I tried updating again through the downloader but I got a URL script error and now everytime I try to download something it just freezes the screen. Also when I resume the slideshow screensaver by pressing a button it freezes.

Since it only crashed with xbmc4gamers (unleash works fine) I've reinstalled it manually (overwriting the files via ftp), it remembered all of my media and most of my settings, only had to create a new profile. That got rid of the url downloading problem. Now I can use the downloader again, but it didn't solve the crashing problem. 

Should I erase the whole xbmc4gamers folder and FTP just the new one? The first time I reinstalled it I simply overwrote the folder, leaving some files from the previous installation.

I don't have the knowledge required to make any sense of the log file but I attach it here in case someone can help me (it's from before reinstalling xbmc4gamers).



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Looks like one of the screen save file is to big.


01:07:47 M:  3559424   DEBUG: Loading the next image F:\Slideshow\wp9383673-the-legend-of-zelda-4k-wallp.jpg
01:07:47 M:  3543040  SEVERE: DLL: Q:\system\ImageLib.dll : malloc failed, crash imminent (Out of memory requesting 4147216 bytes)
Previous line repeats 1 times.
01:07:47 M:  2781184  SEVERE:   msg: PICTURE::LoadImage: Unable to open image: F:\Slideshow\wp9383673-the-legend-of-zelda-4k-wallp.jpg Error:Insufficient memory (case 4) (0)
01:07:47 M:  2781184   DEBUG: PICTURE: Error loading image F:\Slideshow\wp9383673-the-legend-of-zelda-4k-wallp.jpg
01:07:47 M:  2781184   DEBUG: We have an error loading a picture!
01:07:47 M:  2781184   ERROR: Error loading the next image F:\Slideshow\wp9383673-the-legend-of-zelda-4k-wallp.jpg
01:07:48 M:  2781184   DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(DLL: Q:\system\libexif.dll)

Try resizing the file  "wp9383673-the-legend-of-zelda-4k-wallp.jpg"


SS Dave

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That makes sense! I've manually erased the xbmc folder and reinstalled it from zero and that solved most of the issues, but the moment I resume the screensaver it's still very unstable and even if it doesn't crash the menu background disappears. I'll try that, thank you very much!

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