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Red Wire In Controller Cable - What Is It Used for?


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I'm in the middle of a small project to repair a spares or repair Duke and I'm thinking of converting it over to a USB connection (as one of the problems is a frayed cable) and everything I've read says that I don't need the red wire that's in the original cable. Obviously you couldn't get it to work with USB if you did, but I'm curious as to what it's used for if I don't need it. So far I've seen it called "Video Sync", +12V and VCC, but that doesn't tell me why it's there. Except maybe for "Video Sync", but why would a controller need video sync?

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The controller wire colors designations are:

  • Red = +5Vdc
  • White = USB Data-
  • Green = USB Data+
  • Yellow = Video Sync
  • Black = Ground

Video sync (yellow wire) is for a light gun, not used by a standard controller.  A light gun controller or standard controller have to connect to the console.  One port handles both by including it.



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4 hours ago, Lukson said:

If yellow wire is broken on my consoles they don't recognize the device.

I don't understand that as the yellow wire is used for the controller remote power on/off mod.  The yellow wire is disconnected inside the console and re-routed to the power button control line to ground it via a button installed in the controller.

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