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Where do I exactly upload roms and emulators ?


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Sorry for opening another topic so soon, with the other one un-replied, I just needed to know how to properly manage the upload of roms and emulators on a hard-modded Xbox with Slayers 2.7 as default dashboard.

Basically, I got a lot of roms and some good new emulators (alongside the ones which were already installed with the dashboard). Where do I put each roms (they're a lot of stuff)? Do I need to make folders like "Nintendo 64", "Nes", etc.. asking you this because there's a "Roms" folder in "F:" drive but many of the files can have the same name (as they're usually in .zip format). Do I have to place the roms in specific folder of the emulator  or there's a specific setting to follow ? Should emulators be uploaded in "Emulators" or "Games" folders ?  thanks

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Where they go depends on how you configuration the dashboard. 


Do you want to have a separate menu item to access the various Emulators or is having them listed in the Games menu work for you?


Most of the Emulators has a Settings menu where you can change the folder they look to find the ROMS for it.  By default, most look in the D:\ROMS folder which is the ROMS subfolder where its default.xbe file is located.

D:\ in this case does not mean the DVD drive.

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k, I'll try to upload them first, then I'll see what they ask for

about location and menu item, the dashboards (slayers,xbxmc, etc...) show a separate section... but the way how my drive is set has Games, Emulators and Roms as separated folder in F: drive... well, I'll see how each emulator works first, then I'll upload the roms.

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