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Fitting an Aladdin XT Plus 2 ( Chinese Brand )


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Don't worry about the 1.5 links 

Link the BT on the mod chip to ground (Pin 2) and also like the D0 to ground, Doing this will make the chip always active.


Like this.



I highly recommend you use the alternative D0 point on the bottom of the board as it's easier to solder to.

A ground point is the screw hole or pin 2.





SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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Thanks Dave, Can always count on you!

Its just as I presumed, i installed the jafar chip the exact same way on my Crystal 1.4

You've confirmed it for me and I am now confident i'll get it sorted when it arrives.


Deffo will be using the D0 under the Board, thats what I did on mine :)

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    • By Mu.
      I was looking at the typical Aladdin XT 2 Plus modchips that are still available/being produced for the Xbox a while ago, and I thought to myself that the wiring to permanently ground the BT pad seemed a little inelegant. I took a quick look at the traces on the PCB and lo and behold, they trace back to adjacent pins on the Lattice CPLD chip!
      Going forward should I ever need to install another XT 2 Plus, I'll forego the wire and just bridge those two pins.

    • By iii869
      Hi there, greetings from Russia
      One newbie needs help
      I just installed Aladdin xt plus2 with new hdd 500gb via sata adaptor. 
      Auto Installer Deluxe cd recognize my hdd and formate it with subsequent installation of dashboard but this is where the problems begin.
      If i try to boot i get eror 13 but if i swap hdd with dvd on ide cable (hope you can understand the wording) - everything is fine and i can boot in to EvoX.
      There is some boot priority and with default cable connection my bios cant find dash location or i miss something?
      How can i fix this ?
      Thank you
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      Hi there, 
      Noob that just join this community for some solid advice/direction for my upgrade,  
      I have a working 1.6A xbox with a Super Aladdin Live modchip running XBMC on a 80 Gb IDE HDD
      My aim is to upgrade the HDD to a 500 Gb Sata HDD (I know I could go bigger) and also upgrade to Rocky 5 instead.... 
      I currently have:
      - The 80 wire/40 pin IDE cable (ATA 100/133)
      - IDE to Sata converter 
      - 500Gb Sata HDD
      What are my options? Do I have to hot swap the HDD with the disk drive with a program running on the xbox ?  
      Thanks in advance for any help or links for guides/programs to help me !! 

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