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my xbox read game pal in english and no in french

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i have 2 xbox, my xbox 1.2 2003 and i have one xbox 2004 1.6 my xbox 2004 is with xbmc4gamer with c shadows and my 2003 xbox is with xbmc4gamer without c shadows, rocky 5 recognize my 2003 as hardmode but is not a flash tsop is stock. My xbox 2003 read game pal in french and my xbox 2004 with the same satting dont read game pal in french but certain games in ntsc read in french. I have all try but the difference with 2 xbox is the c-shadows, the problem must comes from there. in the dashboard microsoft is french setting and on xbmc4gamer pal french france et read game in pal-60. In the c shadows are there any language settings to freeze? How to solve my problem ? My 2 xbox have 2 to hard drive.

Can you help me !

Sorry for my english i speack french and i live at canada quebec and i dont use traductor.

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Run NKPatcher Settings from the replacement dashboard's menu.

Select menu options:

    2.1 Advanced Features
        2.1.3 System Language
            Select a language.

Note: Selecting the language here allows you to change the system language in the Xbox's configuration EEPROM. It also is to change the in-game language used by PAL games.  (At least, that's what I understand from Rocky5's documentation.)


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3 hours ago, Atomic Kataklysm said:

on my xbox 2003 my game pal read in french on the harddrive and on the first xbox 2004 the game read in english on the harddrive

The same download.  Or were you using an original disk.  Many XISO downloads may have additional language files ripped out to save space. 

Did the name of the downloaded file indicate that it has multiple langauge support?

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