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Cannot get Amiga games to work on Ninja Massive

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Hi all,

After lots of searching / reading topics, this is my first post and a newbie question ... I can't seem to set up my Amiga games to load and / or play properly on Ninja?!?!?!

Any help will be appreciated as I've been able to get other formats going and added artwork, categories etc however getting an Amiga game to work has me stumped :(

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There is no installation pack that I am aware of and the Amiga emulator / Roms / Kickstarts etc are included in the overall installation / package.

The instructions are fairly straightforward:

Zipped D1 + D2.adf, etc. go to \romsconsoles\
If the game consists of more than one Disk, you will need D1.adf outside the .zip, too!

You also need 2 sets of the config. In \saves\Amiga\gamename\ and in \savesbackup\Amiga\gamename\.

Seems straightforward enough and I have tried other various combinations to get it to work however no luck.  The best I get is an indication on one game where the screen changes colour and then nothing else. 

Whilst typing this I have had an idea which I will now try.  The Kickstarts are in another folder so I will try putting the Amiga .zip files into that same folder and see if that does the trick.

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