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  1. thanks again. Good to know what I've got under the hood Has worked flawlessly and does the job. And the fact I can still flash it after all these years is a bonus!!
  2. thanks. Been so long that I have no idea what it is. Always assumed it was an Xecutor2 as that was what it booted up showing. I guess I now know that it's simply the BIOS it's running.
  3. Here you go. The chip and the XBOX in 'flash' mode. I'll post another pic with the XBOX in 'safe' mode. Also note that I had this box chipped back in 2003 or so.
  4. Hi SS Dave. Thanks for replying. I finally worked it out. I have 2 LED's at the front of the console, one green the other red. Red is usually always on when it's in 'chipped' mode so I held in the power button for 10secs while it booted and then both the red and green LED's lit up and behold, chip is flashable. Have now flashed and is recognising the larger HD as it should so all good now. Once I turn off and turn on power normally, it 'protects' itself again from accidental flashing. Cheers
  5. SS_Dave, hope you can help me as well. I also have an Xecutor2 mod chip and I've recently performed the hard drive upgrade to 500GB with Hexen. In the Hexen menu, it shows the full 480GB or so available on F drive however once it loads up normally, I've also got the issue of have an old BIOS not recognising the larger drive. Issue is, my chip seems to be locked / protected and I cant flash it. I've had a look at the chip and I cant seem to find any switches on it to 'unprotect' it. Is there another way that I can flash my BIOS to something newer and in turn get the full 480GB showing?
  6. There is no installation pack that I am aware of and the Amiga emulator / Roms / Kickstarts etc are included in the overall installation / package. The instructions are fairly straightforward: Amiga: Zipped D1 + D2.adf, etc. go to \romsconsoles\ If the game consists of more than one Disk, you will need D1.adf outside the .zip, too! You also need 2 sets of the config. In \saves\Amiga\gamename\ and in \savesbackup\Amiga\gamename\. Seems straightforward enough and I have tried other various combinations to get it to work however no luck. The best I get is an indication on
  7. Hi all, After lots of searching / reading topics, this is my first post and a newbie question ... I can't seem to set up my Amiga games to load and / or play properly on Ninja?!?!?! Any help will be appreciated as I've been able to get other formats going and added artwork, categories etc however getting an Amiga game to work has me stumped

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