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SLOT 1 cpu into og xbox?

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Do I understand correctly that the processor in og xbox is the same as the BGA part of the slot 1 cpu?

If so, using a soldering station, we can, for example, change cpu to a full P3-733mhz 256kb. On a pc, replacing the cache from 128kb to 256 gives an increase in games of 15-30% (if we compare celeron 800/128/100 and p3 800/256/100). Such upgrade does not create speed problems in games. Am i wrong?



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xbox cpu is an intel p3 coppermine, they were binned cpu's and non standard thats why interposers have to be used, its a hell of a lot of work and the main reason 1ghz or 1.4 cpus are used is to get the clock multiplier as near as possible, but also because if you are going to do it you might as well get the fastest cpu that you can make work

if you could get a 30% increase by switching the cpu easily i think we would all be doing it.

the thing about the xbox hardware is that while it may seem simple to upgrade some of its hardware its not because a pc will use any resource given to it, but an xbox will only use hardware that it understands, non standard parts cause problems, and if its not what the xbox expects it will throw errors.

hope that makes sense.

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